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  • "I Do Not Remember"
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    By Francis Frangipane

    How little we understand of eternal redemption! How many times will God forgive you? If you have truly set your heart to follow Him, He will cancel your sins as often as you ask. Will He forgive you of the worst sin you can think of? Yes! You may have to live with the consequences of your misdeed, but God can use your repentance and newly found humility to inspire others. As for the sin itself, if you deeply and sincerely repent of it, not only will God forgive you, He will blot it out of His memory.

    Let me share an experience. A certain man of God had been gifted with revelatory insight into people's lives. During an evening service he ministered to a Presbyterian pastor and his wife. By the gift of the Spirit, he revealed the couple's past, uncovered their present situation, and then disclosed to them what was to come. This work of God greatly impressed the couple, and as the prophecies were fulfilled, one month later the Presbyterian minister brought two other pastors, each with their wives, to another service for personal ministry.

    The word of knowledge was exceptionally sure that night, and the second minister and his wife marveled at the accuracy and truth in the prophetic word. The third couple stepped forward for ministry, and again the word of knowledge was present. The prophet spoke to the husband, revealing his past, present, and insight into his future. Then the man of God turned to this third minister's wife. As he began to speak of her past, suddenly he paused. Then he said, "There was a very serious sin in your past." The woman, with her worst fear upon her, turned pale and closed her eyes. The congregation hushed and moved to the edge of their seats.

    The prophet continued, "And I asked the Lord, 'What was this sin that she committed?' And the Lord answered, 'I do not remember!'"

    The Lord had been faithful to His covenant promise: "I will not remember your sins" (Isa. 43:25). Although many times this minister's wife had asked for cleansing, still she could not believe the depth of God's forgiveness. Christ had placed her sin in the sea of His forgetfulness. He removed it "as far as the east is from the west" (Ps. 103:12). From everywhere but the prison of her own mind, her sin had been paid for and removed. And now, in His great mercy, He removed it from there as well!

    Oh, what burdens we carry; what guilt and limitations surround us because we do not accept God's total and perfect forgiveness. In Isaiah we read, "I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins" (Isa. 43:25).

    How great is the God we serve. How wonderful is His love toward us. He is our Redeemer, our Savior! If you are willing to forgive others and will but ask Him to forgive you, He will pardon your debts as often as you contritely turn to Him. He promises He will remember your sins no more.

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    Adapted from Francis Frangipane's book, Holiness, Truth and the Presence of GodVisit Arrow Bookstore to order.

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  • Spiritual or Physical...or both
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    Sun rays bursting through my windows.  Dogs stretched out, soaking up the warmth. The sound of a tree trimmer buzzing off in the distance. Peaceful. Tranquil. Thoughts about the passage of scripture I just read are slowly permeating my soul. Prayer comes easily, smoothly. My Father is present and listening. My desire is to never move out of this moment.


    Then the interruption of “the list” intrudes on the quiet. The list: call the groomer; make hair appointment; call refrigerator repair person; buy cleaning supplies; have keys made; call to dispute a bill; get family birthday gifts; study for speaking engagement. And more. The “list” swirls around in my head so that all the former peace begins to dissipate into a virtual calendar and clock competing for the energy inside me.


    Life is what it is. No breathing human is exempt from the mundane. Things must get done.  The physical has a way of invading the spiritual and I resent that. But should I? This is how God created life. Is it possible to translate the spiritual into mundane physical tasks? This is my goal for this week. Ask my Father how to do that and wait to enjoy how He demonstrates it to me.


    Certainly there are those who would pray for the ability to speak to repairmen on the phone. There are those who could never afford a groomer for their pets. Those who must wait for someone else to drive them. And so on. Gratitude is positioned at the forefront of the list; diminishes the dread.


    What if I could never leave my chair, as I wished for, and therefore was unable to drive down the tree-lined highway, watching the deer and singing along with the radio? Would I be super spiritual without the physical?


    It’s not only about gratitude. It’s about understanding the deeper work of walking in joy and peace, regardless of repairs, bills and chores.  For me, it’s a journey of discipline, meditating on God’s Word and dying to self. Now, there’s some large items for the to-do list!  


    No doubt it is all a matter of spiritual meshed with physical. Some say it’s all about attitude. Truth be known, it is a matter of surrendering the mind, will and emotions to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He takes it from there. And it spreads, soaks in, transforms, and radiates for His glory and for my joy.


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  • Do You Have Solid Discernment?
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    I’ve written much about deception and discernment. There is a reason for that. Throughout my life, people have attempted to deceive me, and unfortunately some have succeeded. It’s a very painful experience, especially if the deception comes from someone you love and trust. Most of us can compare war stories and battle scars from those betrayals. The fact that we have to rise up, forgive and move on is content for another blog. It’s a tall order.


    The Bible tells us that in the last days deceivers will be rampant. Deception is all around us, whether it’s through all types of media and leaders or neighbors and coworkers. The apostle Peter (1 Peter 2:1-3) warns us that even the church can and will be deceived by false teachers, tares growing along with the wheat, and wolves in sheep’s clothing.


    It doesn’t take much to convince us of this. Just look at a typical day on facebook and you can spot false news articles, posts by people who believe lies, friends who have been caught up in deceptive theologies and prophecies. How do I know they’re false? They totally conflict with the Word of God. Not too difficult if the Bible is your foundation.


    Recently a friend confronted me, disagreeing with my beliefs. She cited news sources that were so biased to her way of thinking that I laughed out loud. She stated that these were factual and nonpartisan.  But she’s no different than all the rest of us. We follow sources that agree with what we want to be true. What if she is wrong? What if I am wrong? I’m not perfect, but I am closely connected with the One Who is all Truth.


    So, we acknowledge deception is alive and well. What do we do to guard against it?


    Discernment is a gift, a God-given gift. We pray daily for the Holy Spirit to do in us what He was sent to do in us: counsel, comfort, guide. A person who is not born again, and does not have the Holy Spirit working in and through their life will not have that gift of discerning. That still small Voice speaks warning at critical times. He puts a check in our spirits when we’re headed down a wrong path. He closes doors that are not His path for us. He often opens our eyes to a dangerous leader or teacher that could deceive and lead us astray.


    Does this mean that as Christians we will never fall prey to deception? Of course not. We can be so busy, so blindly trudging through our busy lives that we are not open to His promptings. Or, we can hear His warning and decide it can’t be God because thousands of people are agreeing that it’s this way or that. Or maybe it’s not what we were taught growing up.


    Unfortunately, today we see people who call themselves Christians who sit in churches with theology that roams far off the path of Biblical truth because the leader is so engaging, so in touch with the folks, that he couldn’t be wrong. The music is great; the fellowship so fun and scripture is used. We see throngs of people who cannot identify when a scripture is twisted or used out of context to manipulate an agenda. Oblivious.


    The Lord brings this subject back to me often. He longs to see His people walking in truth and keeping their armors in place, resistant to deception. I am grieved when I see people who do not seek out the Holy Spirit’s leading in their daily lives. I seek it diligently, for it means so much to me to be in His will. Again, I am aware I can make mistakes, but I’ll always be seeking His Truth.


    The coming days will produce more deception in the world. The Bible tells us that many will fall prey to the antichrist system and perish because they are deceived by it. I used to wonder how that could possibly happen when good and evil are so opposite. But recently, my eyes have been opened to the vast number of people who call evil good and good evil. Even “Christians.” God says, “Woe to them!” Woe is not good. Woe means unimaginable misery and condemnation. (Isaiah 5:20-21) People who call themselves Christian and distort scripture to make it more popular and unoffending are playing with fire: hell fire.

    Deception could be pulling you away from your God. Please go to Him and ask Him to reveal any areas where you might be deceived. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit and give you warnings when you are getting off track. Stop, please stop, listening to the world. A crowd mentality leads to destruction. We are chosen, called, and set apart for a reason. We are mandated to bring Light and Truth to a lost and dying world. Without discernment, we are impotent and completely useless to the Kingdom of God.

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  • Do you understand this season?
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    Daniel 2:21 (NKJV)

    21 And He changes the times and the seasons;

    He removes kings and raises up kings;

    He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.


    It’s time my dear friends, for us to KNOW the times and seasons and to realize the season we are in at this hour. The world is spinning, biblical prophecies are being fulfilled, and the Lord is speaking to His faithful ones. I have such an urgency to impress upon you the need to get yourselves right with Him. The hour is late. The time is short. You cannot keep playing around with sin and doubt….or complacency.


    Very soon we will see devastating things happening in our country, much like we now see in other countries. We are way beyond scoffing these off as conspiracy theories. If you can do that, you are not a student of the Bible, and you are not hearing from God. He is warning us, almost daily, that His judgments are upon us. Please do not ignore the warnings. If your life is focused on material gain, enjoying any particular sin(s) or just trusting in your own self-sufficiency (to name only a few), you are not going to have the strength to endure the road rising up in front of you. If you follow teachers who constantly spout how beautiful and wonderful the coming days will be, please, please go to the Lord and ask for His wisdom.


    The Lord has spoken to me several times to prepare. He is speaking of preparing spiritually. When times are devastatingly painful, we cannot just crumple into a heap and cry in hopelessness. We are called to be a Light, to bring hope to those who are without Him, drawing them to His love and salvation. What purpose is there in a life that purports to be a Jesus follower, and operates without hope, peace and joy?


    He has pushed me to be bolder in impressing upon you the urgent need to surrender every part of yourselves to Him. If you are fully surrendered, you will be in tune with that still, small Voice that gives your spirit warnings, truth, peace, hope, and protection. If you are trusting in your own knowledge, self-sufficiency, inner strength or eastern religions, you will miss His instructions and He says frankly, you will perish. That’s a frightening thought. That you made that choice all on your own.


    If you believe, as someone recently told me he did, that because you were baptized as a child  all the bases are covered, you most probably will endure a rude awakening in the days to come. I repeat, if you are unconcerned about sin in your life, or are totally apathetic for whatever reason, you are in danger. If you have no conscience or conviction in your heart about your relationship with Him, you will not receive warnings, instruction or protection from Him when destruction is falling around you. Your stubbornness or sin will create a block. Please take time to consider this. The Lord will protect and provide for His faithful children when darkness moves in. But only when they are tuned in to His Voice, repentant and with hearts turned toward godly, pure lives.

    That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. It means He looks at our hearts. He knows our motives, our desires and our intents toward His purposes. We are always a work in progress as we walk the road of sanctification. The bottom line is this today: there is no more time to play Christian. It’s time to get serious because your life depends upon it. Your eternity depends upon it.  If you have confusion, doubt, fear or need help with these things, please call me. I would love to assist you in your walk with Him.

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  • Prayer Power
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    Sometimes the battle weary soldier feels transported into a state of nothingness. That feeling of “I know the enemy is relentlessly attacking and wearing me down, but I’ve lost the strength, both mentally and physically, to continue fighting.” What causes him to get back up, lift the shield and sword and go at it again?


    The answer is this: the prayers of the saints! There is power in the warriors of God banding together, lifting the weary soldier before the Throne, bonding him to the Word of God and to the promises that break every yoke.


    As the brothers and sisters unite in prayer and praise on behalf of this one, the warring angels in the spirit realm are energized and spurred to action. The Lord sounds a battle cry, commanding the angels, giving them power and direction. They defeat the spirits of darkness with gusto.


    Does this sound like a movie script? It should be, but it’s also reality. If you do not understand the spirit realm and the works of God on your behalf, you will lie down in defeat and lose out on the blessing of being refreshed, reignited and restored. Our fellow believers are gifted to us as co-warriors, as fierce collaborators in the battles we face here on the earth.


    If you are a born again child of God, a believer in Jesus Christ, and submitted to Him, you will be a target for the enemy of your soul. That enemy is sent to steal, kill and destroy. He hits below the belt. He plays dirty. He will kick you when you’re down. That’s why you must understand the need for daily communion with your Father, putting on that armor of God, and praying for and with your fellow Christians. We’re all in this together.


    The power that is within us through Jesus is amazing. But it must be activated. We have a choice. When the storm hits our life, we decide---do we rise up, take authority and fight, or do we lie down, cry and moan and wait to see how much worse it will get? We must be prepared every single day for the fiery darts coming at us. We must be ready to stand firm and believe that the Commander in Chief of the Heavenly Forces is ready to dispatch the warring armies on our behalf. And prayer, yes prayer, is the cannon ball, fired into the heavenlies that ignites the activity of the rescue and restore mission.


    Never underestimate the power of prayer. That’s what your enemy wants---for you to have doubt and unbelief, and to decide it makes no difference. That’s his big victory. If you surrender to doubt, his plans will succeed. When you are weary from the battle, stop and remember to call out to your fellow believers to hold up your arms, to lift you to the Father, and see how fast things change. And when another calls out for prayer, be quick to respond and quick to go to the Lord on their behalf. This is a major blessing of God and we honor Him by using the weapons He has provided for our victory!


    There is power in the name of Jesus

    To break every chain


    All sufficient sacrifice

    So freely given

    Such a price

    Bought our redemption

    Heaven's gates swing wide


    There is power in the name of Jesus

    There's an army rising up

    To Break every chain

    Break every chain

    Break every chain

    Jesus Culture

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