Sun rays bursting through my windows. Dogs stretched out, soaking up the warmth. The sound of a tree trimmer buzzing off in the distance. Peaceful. Tranquil. Thoughts about the passage of scripture I just read are slowly permeating my soul. Prayer comes easily, smoothly. My Father is present and listening. My desire is to never move out of this moment.

Then the interruption of “the list” intrudes on the quiet. The list: call the groomer; make hair appointment; call refrigerator repair person; buy cleaning supplies; have keys made; call to dispute a bill; get family birthday gifts; study for speaking engagement. And more. The “list” swirls around in my head so that all the former peace begins to dissipate into a virtual calendar and clock competing for the energy inside me.

Life is what it is. No breathing human is exempt from the mundane. Things must get done. The physical has a way of invading the spiritual and I resent that. But should I? This is how God created life. Is it possible to translate the spiritual into mundane physical tasks? This is my goal for this week. Ask my Father how to do that and wait to enjoy how He demonstrates it to me.

Certainly there are those who would pray for the ability to speak to repairmen on the phone. There are those who could never afford a groomer for their pets. Those who must wait for someone else to drive them. And so on. Gratitude is positioned at the forefront of the list; diminishes the dread.

What if I could never leave my chair, as I wished for, and therefore was unable to drive down the tree-lined highway, watching the deer and singing along with the radio? Would I be super spiritual without the physical?

It’s not only about gratitude. It’s about understanding the deeper work of walking in joy and peace, regardless of repairs, bills and chores. For me, it’s a journey of discipline, meditating on God’s Word and dying to self. Now, there’s some large items for the to-do list!

No doubt it is all a matter of spiritual meshed with physical. Some say it’s all about attitude. Truth be known, it is a matter of surrendering the mind, will and emotions to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He takes it from there. And it spreads, soaks in, transforms, and radiates for His glory and for my joy.