Daniel 2:21 (NKJV)
21 And He changes the times and the seasons;
He removes kings and raises up kings;
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.

It’s time my dear friends, for us to KNOW the times and seasons and to realize the season we are in at this hour. The world is spinning, biblical prophecies are being fulfilled, and the Lord is speaking to His faithful ones. I have such an urgency to impress upon you the need to get yourselves right with Him. The hour is late. The time is short. You cannot keep playing around with sin and doubt….or complacency.

Very soon we will see devastating things happening in our country, much like we now see in other countries. We are way beyond scoffing these off as conspiracy theories. If you can do that, you are not a student of the Bible, and you are not hearing from God. He is warning us, almost daily, that His judgments are upon us. Please do not ignore the warnings. If your life is focused on material gain, enjoying any particular sin(s) or just trusting in your own self-sufficiency (to name only a few), you are not going to have the strength to endure the road rising up in front of you. If you follow teachers who constantly spout how beautiful and wonderful the coming days will be, please, please go to the Lord and ask for His wisdom.

The Lord has spoken to me several times to prepare. He is speaking of preparing spiritually. When times are devastatingly painful, we cannot just crumple into a heap and cry in hopelessness. We are called to be a Light, to bring hope to those who are without Him, drawing them to His love and salvation. What purpose is there in a life that purports to be a Jesus follower, and operates without hope, peace and joy?

He has pushed me to be bolder in impressing upon you the urgent need to surrender every part of yourselves to Him. If you are fully surrendered, you will be in tune with that still, small Voice that gives your spirit warnings, truth, peace, hope, and protection. If you are trusting in your own knowledge, self-sufficiency, inner strength or eastern religions, you will miss His instructions and He says frankly, you will perish. That’s a frightening thought. That you made that choice all on your own.

If you believe, as someone recently told me he did, that because you were baptized as a child all the bases are covered, you most probably will endure a rude awakening in the days to come. I repeat, if you are unconcerned about sin in your life, or are totally apathetic for whatever reason, you are in danger. If you have no conscience or conviction in your heart about your relationship with Him, you will not receive warnings, instruction or protection from Him when destruction is falling around you. Your stubbornness or sin will create a block. Please take time to consider this. The Lord will protect and provide for His faithful children when darkness moves in. But only when they are tuned in to His Voice, repentant and with hearts turned toward godly, pure lives.

That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. It means He looks at our hearts. He knows our motives, our desires and our intents toward His purposes. We are always a work in progress as we walk the road of sanctification. The bottom line is this today: there is no more time to play Christian. It’s time to get serious because your life depends upon it. Your eternity depends upon it. If you have confusion, doubt, fear or need help with these things, please call me. I would love to assist you in your walk with Him.