Nancy LaPointe

What a wonderfully blessed time we enjoyed this past weekend at the ladies’ retreat in Buena Vista, GA.  You Were Made To Shine was such an inspiring theme as we delved deep into places the Lord was compelling us to examine. We hope to continue receiving testimonies as all of us seek even deeper healing in the days to come.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of Mr. Walker Williams, Innkeeper of Sign of the Dove Bed & Breakfast. Praise and worship time was led by Katie Alexander and our lovely hostess and leader was Jennifer Thomann.  

Friday evening and all day Saturday were filled with teaching, prayer, fellowship and worship. Saturday evening we caravanned to the Hope is Alive Church at Mauk. Words can’t really express how beautiful it was. Pastor Ray and the Thomann clan had outlined the church drive with luminaries, glowing against the night sky.  Inside this lovely church built in 1910 with it’s original wooden floors, were luminaries burning on both sides of the center aisle (the only aisle), across the altar, kneeling benches, baptistry, and so on; no other light but candles.

A large cross was standing in the left corner of the church.  Soft music played. One by one each lady knelt at the altar, wrote on a small paper what she was truly giving up to the Lord, then went over and nailed it to the cross. The sound of the hammer echoing there was so like we imagine the sound of Jesus being nailed to that cross.  After everyone took their turn, we laid hands and prayed over each one. The Holy Spirit was so powerful.  He spoke to us, gave words of knowledge, healing words for the very broken. We found it difficult to leave the very heavy Presence of the Lord in that place.

Sunday was a true celebration. Pastor Ray conducted the church service at the B&B and cooked and served us lunch. In fact, he did much of the cooking throughout the weekend, which was another treat for us all.  

We are continuing to give thanks and praise for all that was accomplished during the retreat weekend.  Jennifer is truly gifted in leading and loving. Her little touches to every detail were treasures for us all.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this endeavor. The Lord has many plans and purposes for the HIA ministry and we are excited and expectantly looking forward to what comes next.