Today I sense a burden to share some things. I hope you will ask the Lord to speak to you through this blog. He has been showing me many things. One is that it doesn’t matter who is elected. The condition of our country is a reflection of the condition of our hearts. We as a people, as a nation, want it all. We want prosperity, happiness, success and peace. We want what we want. The problem is that we don’t really know the path to getting those things. We think we do. We think it’s either the Democrat way or the Republican way. Neither of those roads is leading to victory. Sadly, we get entrenched in our own belief system and refuse to consider anything else. But this word today is not about elections or politicians.

What do you have in place to protect and care for your family should you be involved in one of these traumatic events happening all around our country? Are you just turning your head and choosing denial—that it could never happen where you live? My friend’s niece was visiting in France, out shopping one beautiful day and found herself barely escaping the shootings there. All over America violence is erupting. People are angry and rebellious, and regardless of where you stand politically, you or your loved ones could be victims. Am I trying to stir up fear? No!! I’m sensing that the Lord is trying to warn His people to be vigilant, to be alert, and to prepare for unexpected situations.

If the Holy Spirit is your Counselor, as the scripture says, take heed to His promptings. If you’re out and suddenly feel a tug to go home, or to leave where you are, don’t dally. Don’t ignore it. Move. Be immediately obedient. Talk to your children about this as well. We must pray over our families each day, and then trust that our Father loves and cares about His children. Don’t be foolish. It is time to get serious about having the closest relationship you can find with the Lord. He is positioning His people to be where there is safety and/or where He can use us in these difficult situations.

If you choose to hide your head in the sand and believe nothing will ever happen to you, just remember that warnings abound. Read your Bible. Pray. We are living in treacherous times which will be getting worse. Our only hope is in Jesus. Our only real protection and provision is through following the leading of the Holy Spirit and staying alert to His promptings. Please don’t ignore this. The Lord has impressed this on me over and over again lately. I share it out of love and concern. Ask Him today to reveal His truth to you so that you can do what He asks you to do.Trusting in a candidate or anyone other than the Lord will be a tragic mistake. Again I just ask you to go to Him for yourself and see what He will show you. Shalom.