What is the most important decision you have ever made in your life?  Before you made that decision, did you take a lot of time contemplating it and weighing the pros and cons?  Did you get input from those you respect? 

Did you do research of some kind?  Now, after making that decision, does the outcome affect your entire future?  What about your entire eternal life?  There’s only one decision that affects you for all eternity and that is the decision to believe or not believe in Jesus Christ.  If you have decided that you don’t believe in Him, did you make that decision based on the questions asked above?  Did you make it based on hurts from your past or wounds you received from Christians?  If so, is that a valid reason to forfeit your personal keys to heaven…..to spite someone else?  Please think about that.

The spiritual climate of our world is expanding, and the mysteries are escalating.  Even those who do not believe in Jesus’ deity, are blogging and tweeting daily about the dramatic changes in the earth’s atmosphere, the governmental corruption, the rampant violent crime and the disintegration of cultural values and norms.  Unexplainable phenomenon with animal life and environmental systems are baffling scientists and laymen alike.  Change is definitely in the air.  Those of us who are believers in Christ, are finding an escalation in supernatural visions, dreams, and other experiences.  We see biblical prophecies unfolding before our very eyes.  It is an exciting time to be alive.

Reader, I am asking you to please stop your busy lifestyle for a few moments, turn off your electronics (whatever that entails), go to a quiet place and take stock.   Ask God to reveal Himself to you.  Give yourself a chance to experience the most awesome opportunity you will ever know:  the Presence of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.  The thrill outweighs anything your mind can create.  Don’t take a chance on being wrong about God!  If I’m wrong, I’ve lost nothing by living for Him on this earth.  But…if you’re wrong, you have been manipulated and duped into losing your entire eternal life when you leave this earth.  The gamble is monumental (for lack of a more powerful word).  When you submit yourself to God, believing in Jesus’ death and resurrection, giving His life for YOU, His Holy Spirit comes and indwells you, and your spiritual eyes are opened to things you never before imagined.  The Bible says that the things of God are foolishness to those who don’t believe.  That’s because without the Holy Spirit indwelling your spirit, it all sounds ridiculous.  And, the world constantly confirms its absurdity with facts and figures that seem logical.  The supernatural is not logical.  God is not always logical either.  His love for you is certainly not logical.  He loves you unconditionally, no matter what you’ve done or what you’ve said about Him.  He forgives everything.  He adores you and will guard your heart during the most wicked and dangerous days that lie ahead.  He will give you peace no matter what storm surrounds you.

Please, do yourself a favor and give God one more chance.  He gives you millions.  But….there is a time coming soon when it’ll be too late.  You must make this decision now.  Jesus is returning soon to take His own to a place so wonderfully awesome there are not words to describe it.  I want you to come with us.  Being left behind will be a nightmare.  You can, of course, choose to stay behind.  God is a gentleman—never forcing anyone to trust Him.  But His heart will be truly grieved if you choose to reject Him.  Don’t wait.  Time is growing very short.  Ask God to show you whatever you need to see; to understand whatever has been unclear to you.  Forget what other people say.  Their eternal destiny is at stake too.  One by one we will all stand before God and give an accounting of our lives.  When Jesus lives in you, there’s no reason to stress over that.  I’m praying that your heart will soften and that you will allow His light and His truth to enter your soul.  You will never regret it.