Do you sense a change in the air? It’s not just the autumn breezes and golden leaves. I feel something in the atmosphere around me that’s different. I know that the spirit realm is alive and active, whether we can visually see it or not. We spiritually discern the angels warring, protecting, standing watch. At times I sense evil, though I see or hear nothing at all. The Lord is moving, my friends. He is calling out to us to get up and get busy about His business—Kingdom business. Do you comprehend the magnificence of being a child of the King?

Everyone these days is watching the stock markets, scouring the economic reports from all over the world. We know that change is coming. We have lived far above our nation’s ability to sustain the lifestyles to which we’ve become accustomed. We watch the news in shock at the crime, the perversion, and the wickedness that is a stench in the nostrils of our God.

At times I grieve over this nation and this world. At times I cry out for God’s mercy, and at times I lose myself in the internet so I can avoid the pain of the truth. Are you numb? Have you heard about so many shootings or wars that you just mentally check out because it’s too much? I fear that we as believers have joined the world in turning our heads and hearts away because it’s too overwhelming. Or maybe we’re just complacent because our job or family or hometown is not affected…yet.

Sisters and brothers, please believe me that the Lord is calling you in this hour. The spirit realm is bustling about, preparing for what’s to come. The Holy Spirit is prompting you to step up to the plate now—because time is short! He is grieved when we ignore His leading. There are lost souls all around us who need to know Him. He’s prepared those whom He knows are ready. and arranging divine appointments for us to utilize. If we’re playing video games, living on facebook or watching TV, that soul could be lost forever. Pray for boldness! Pray for sharper discernment to be aware when these divine appointments are in front of you.

I’m preaching to myself friends! But God is pushing me, reminding me, stirring up His Presence inside me, to be alert. He wants me to push you as well. Take a deep breath as the Fall winds blow, listen with your spiritual ears and wait attentively to receive what He is leading you to do. The time is short. You have a mandate to live out His plan, follow His directions, and spread His message!