Sometimes the battle weary soldier feels transported into a state of nothingness. That feeling of “I know the enemy is relentlessly attacking and wearing me down, but I’ve lost the strength, both mentally and physically, to continue fighting.” What causes him to get back up, lift the shield and sword and go at it again?

The answer is this: the prayers of the saints! There is power in the warriors of God banding together, lifting the weary soldier before the Throne, bonding him to the Word of God and to the promises that break every yoke.

As the brothers and sisters unite in prayer and praise on behalf of this one, the warring angels in the spirit realm are energized and spurred to action. The Lord sounds a battle cry, commanding the angels, giving them power and direction. They defeat the spirits of darkness with gusto.

Does this sound like a movie script? It should be, but it’s also reality. If you do not understand the spirit realm and the works of God on your behalf, you will lie down in defeat and lose out on the blessing of being refreshed, reignited and restored. Our fellow believers are gifted to us as co-warriors, as fierce collaborators in the battles we face here on the earth.

If you are a born again child of God, a believer in Jesus Christ, and submitted to Him, you will be a target for the enemy of your soul. That enemy is sent to steal, kill and destroy. He hits below the belt. He plays dirty. He will kick you when you’re down. That’s why you must understand the need for daily communion with your Father, putting on that armor of God, and praying for and with your fellow Christians. We’re all in this together.

The power that is within us through Jesus is amazing. But it must be activated. We have a choice. When the storm hits our life, we decide—do we rise up, take authority and fight, or do we lie down, cry and moan and wait to see how much worse it will get? We must be prepared every single day for the fiery darts coming at us. We must be ready to stand firm and believe that the Commander in Chief of the Heavenly Forces is ready to dispatch the warring armies on our behalf. And prayer, yes prayer, is the cannon ball, fired into the heavenlies that ignites the activity of the rescue and restore mission.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. That’s what your enemy wants—for you to have doubt and unbelief, and to decide it makes no difference. That’s his big victory. If you surrender to doubt, his plans will succeed. When you are weary from the battle, stop and remember to call out to your fellow believers to hold up your arms, to lift you to the Father, and see how fast things change. And when another calls out for prayer, be quick to respond and quick to go to the Lord on their behalf. This is a major blessing of God and we honor Him by using the weapons He has provided for our victory!

There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain

All sufficient sacrifice
So freely given
Such a price
Bought our redemption
Heaven’s gates swing wide

There is power in the name of Jesus
There’s an army rising up
To Break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain
Jesus Culture