We are now beginning the second week of January and life seems to be retreating into it’s usual routines and schedules. The numerous memes and themes and blogs with messages of hope, renewal and motivation are waning. We jumped wholeheartedly on the bandwagon of fresh inspiration and enthusiasm for a new year and now, as the days evolve into weeks, doubt starts to creep in.

Stop!!  Doubt and unbelief are killers. We must take authority over the warring factions within. I am talking to myself. I woke up this morning from a relatively pleasant dream and before getting out of bed was somehow transported into a deluge of negative thoughts. They were just pouring into my mind and as I sat up and stretched, I thought, “Where is this coming from?” Aha. It more than likely was the enemy of my soul, trying to start my day with a downcast outlook. Thankfully, I recognized it immediately and began to pray and rebuke those thoughts. Sometimes when this happens it takes a little while to get the mind cleared.  When it happens to you, ask the Lord to take over and He will do it!! “Taking every thought captive to the obedience of His will” (2 Cor 10:5) is a scripture worth memorizing as a reminder to be in control of the direction your thoughts and attitudes take.

Isn’t it interesting how we can be looking forward to a new year, enthusiastic, hopeful and full of good plans, and with a few nasty strikes from below, we can just throw up our hands and give in. Don’t do it!!! Stand up and fight. Rise above the attacks. It IS a new year with new opportunities and incredible assignments from your Father. Is it possible those little demons know that and do their best to bog you down before the plan develops? You bet they do.

I want to challenge you today to keep your focus. God has good plans for your new year. He is repositioning His people for things that are coming in the world. He has an individualized, unique purpose for each of us, and we can only take hold of that when our focus is clear and undivided. We must recognize when we are being distracted and deceived.

The best way to fight this battle is to stop those thoughts the instant they hit your brain. Stop and go to the Lord and ask for His assistance in the battle. Repeat those promises of God that have sustained you in the past. Declare that you are standing with your CEO in taking over the world—-the fleshly, dark side—and walking in the Light! You will be amazed at what the Lord does for you when you use the Power that is in you to take authority.  Rise up, my friend, and enjoy the fruit of the Spirit’s work in and around you!  

The days move on, and maybe it would benefit us to post little notes around our workplace or on our mirrors that remind us of the enthusiasm we had on Jan. 1st. We must contain that and continue to believe for the good things coming.  The world is spinning out of control, but God’s children are firmly planted on the path of righteousness and heading toward a year of new and beautiful beginnings.