It’s mid-August and I feel as though I missed summer altogether.  Most of you know that we spent weeks in another city in cancer treatment, which ate up our summer, or at least it felt that way.  Now, as the days get shorter and cooler and people are longing for Fall, I feel a little cheated out of my summer nights out on the deck.  Here in the mountains, summer is heavenly without the blazing heat in the valleys below.  At least we still have a few weeks of warm enough weather to be outdoors a bit before the cold arrives.

I am generally not one to preach much, though I have been a pastor.  I try to follow St. Francis of Assisi’s adage that it’s best to let your life be your sermon and only preach with words when absolutely necessary.  The past few weeks the Lord has been impressing upon me that I need to put the word out a bit more—maybe not exactly preaching—but just sharing and emphasizing the urgency of the hour in which we live.  Just as I feel that summer raced past me almost unnoticed, the fulfilling of Biblical prophecies are racing past many of us, again almost unnoticed.  World events which are in the works now are clearly recorded in the Bible and watching them unfold is exciting, but also at times unsettling.

There is an unprecedented focus on end times scenarios in current movies, books, everywhere.  In fact it’s so rampant that most people are mocking it or ignoring it altogether.  Either is dangerous.  God, in His omnipotent love for us, is giving us warnings, giving us time and many more chances to turn things around and submit to Him.  Unfortunately, most are too busy, distracted or bored to pay Him any attention.  I’m most disturbed by Christians who nonchalantly state that they aren’t concerned because they will be “raptured” away before anything tough hits.  What if…..just for a moment bear with me….what if you’re wrong about that?  I can’t go into a lengthy exegesis on that right now, but if you study the Word completely, you will find many warnings about what believers must endure before Jesus returns.  We are headed face-first into a period of darkness like none we have ever known.  If we are not girded up, filled with the Spirit and the Word of God, we will fall apart when these days come.  Please do not assume anything.  Arrogance is risky and pride goes before a fall.  The great apostasy, as discussed in scripture, is in full swing today.  Many pastors are so busy telling their people to spend their time declaring positive declarations so good things are guaranteed that they are denying the warnings God has given throughout His Word, as well as the warnings His Spirit is speaking to His people daily.

Time is short.  Mock me if you will, but please take time to go before the Father and examine your own heart.  And take time to listen to what He is trying to tell you and show you.  Get into His Word.  Pray for this country, this world, and your family and neighbors.  He will sustain and speak to His own in the time of darkness.  Others will be lost in their despair.  I love you and will be happy to pray for you at any time.  Be alert and be wise.  Your redemption draws nigh.