This week in my prayer time I felt the Lord impressing this on me strongly.

People do not seem to understand that we have now moved into a new era. Our constitution is gone. Our freedoms and rights are gone. We can grieve, and we will, but we must seek Him for the strength to stand strong in a new country. Yes, it’s a new country. We no longer can really celebrate the 4th of July for we have no independence any longer. As Christians, we have moved to a new level of hatred from our fellow citizens. It is not going back as it was.

We must come to terms with the fact that life as we have known it is over. If people continue to rally after politicians or false religious teachers who are saying everything is going to turn around and be wonderful—they will be more than disappointed; they will most likely be devastated.

Face it, my sisters and brothers; face it now, so that you can prepare. Our leaders have sold us out completely. We have no say in anything anymore, if we ever did. We are in a new america. When we were told the man would fundamentally transform america, that was true. It is fundamentally changed….and there is no turning back.

What is next? We MUST be on our knees before the Father. We can’t say we’re too busy or tired or distracted. Prayer is our lifeline literally. He will instruct us what to do each day to stay alive and to carry out what He’s calling us to do. The good news: He is going to move us into a new level of spiritual discernment—if we are listening. Each of us will have a unique assignment. We must walk in perfect obedience or we will perish. We will be in awe of the things He does: miracles, signs and wonders, sustaining us and multiplying our resources as we go, in order that we might reach the lost. Our purpose is twofold: to reach the lost with the gospel, and to help sustain and disciple new believers. And of course to offer hope to those in despair.

We are not to despair. Again, we do grieve and mourn for what could have been, but as we read His Word we know that it had to come to this in order for His prophecies to be fulfilled. We’ve read the Book!! We know how it ends. We must constantly be encouraging one another and holding each other up.

If you don’t have a group of believers for support, find one NOW! There is no time to wait or waste. The first major judgments are about to fall and you need believers around you who know how to pray, dig truth out of the Word and hear God. Disconnect yourself from those who spew out prosperity doctrines promising riches and material things. See that for what it is. It will never sustain you in a crisis.

God’s Children, look up and worship your Father. Open your spiritual ears and eyes. Ask for sharper discernment. Don’t believe anything you hear on tv news or internet social media. All distortions and lies. Confess your sins, repent and turn to Jesus before it is too late. Stop trusting in the american government. It’s gone.

Your Father loves you greatly and still offers hope. Our redemption draws nigh.