Tribute to Miss Daisy

Grieving takes a lot of energy, draining me for sure.  Last night we buried our precious little Daisy dog. Holding her for days as she was fading away took a lot out of my husband and me. We loved her so much. She had been our baby for over fourteen years. What a joy she was! From the time she was only a few weeks old, she was a happy, loving little thing. She absolutely adored everyone she met. Many times I’ve heard people say their dogs are the best examples of unconditional love there is, and Daisy was no exception.  She made us laugh and warmed our hearts daily. But, dogs get old, just like people do, and at some point you have no choice but to say goodbye. Sure is hard.

Today I’m thinking about how we love our pets and treasure the joy they bring to our lives. To me, they are gifts from God. He uses their loving ways to soften our hard hearts. On the worst of days when we’re angry or down, here comes that little furry gem to wag it’s tail, give us a kiss or to do something funny to make us laugh. How many times did I come home after a long day and there she was, dancing in circles, deliriously happy to see me, as though it had been days instead of hours.

I wonder why we don’t treat the people we love in the same manner? Of course it’s because people fail us, have their faults, and so on. We just don’t see anything in our pets that’s unforgivable. They occasionally misbehave or disobey, but there’s never any malice. It’s just so much easier to love animals!

So this little message today is for myself. I realize that all the beautiful qualities I can list in my dear little Daisy should be those others could list about me. That will take some effort on my part, where I don’t think it did for Daisy. It came natural to her. I am praying that God will help me to be a person who loves unconditionally, who cheers others up with my joy, and one who never holds a grudge.  Maybe I’ll spare my loved ones from me dancing in circles when they arrive at my door, but my attitude can surely convey the same message.  Rest in peace, my precious Daisy Joy.