Do you ever have days where you wonder if you actually landed from another planet? Lately there have been several times when people’s behaviors toward me caused me to stop and scratch my head, wondering how I missed something. I have two people in my life, a married couple, who are there without being family or close friends, but still are there. For some unknown reason, they just do not like me.

I have spent hours, certainly more time than I should’ve, thinking and praying about what I might have done wrong. I have replayed conversations and situations and come up with zilch. They have expressed that nothing is wrong. But…we all know when something is just not right. It drives me crazy!! As far as it’s possible, as the apostle Paul says, I want to be at peace with everyone. Evidently, at times it just is not possible.

I think if I have prayed earnestly and been honest as I examine every encounter, the Lord would open my eyes to an offense I’ve committed. Perhaps someone else influenced them against me unfairly. I really don’t know. I have just decided that it’s in God’s hands, and He must be the one to exonerate me or open their eyes to the truth. There are times when we just simply have personality conflicts with others whether we try to blend or not. This couple seems to be annoyed at my very presence. Maybe they share those annoyances with each other to keep it perpetuated. Whatever the case, my conscience is clear.

My plan is to continue praying for these hearts to soften and that they might be willing to see me for who I really am. I certainly have my flaws and never claim to be without sin. I only want to be sure that we have a godly relationship without malice. I feel none towards them; only a bit of sadness that we cannot be friends.

Perhaps you think I’m dwelling too much on this. That could be true. It definitely has been very hurtful to me, but I think I’m over that. I just have a feeling that someone else might be dealing with the same issue and I hope to encourage you today. We will never please everyone or be loved by all. If we go before the Lord and make sure we have done nothing to hurt another, then we need to let it rest, and be at peace. If the Lord brings something to mind, we need to go to that person and do our best to make amends. Forgiveness is key on both sides, especially for Christians who desire to live a Christlike life. Knowing who we are in Christ and allowing Him to carry our burdens takes a huge load off. Thanks for letting me get this off my heart today.