With all the prophecies and warnings each day regarding the coming shaking of America, many of us look up and plead with God to inform us further. We feel inadequate in our preparations. We don’t really know how to prepare, though we know, because of the Spirit of God working in our hearts, that it’s definitely time.

I’ve prayed so much about these warnings. The Lord has spoken to me a few times with brief instructions, no details. I too wonder if I am on track, if I’m doing enough, or doing the right things. The beautiful part of this is that I have peace. I know hard times are on the horizon, but I feel no fear. I know He will be with me through the trials. My prayer for you is that you can experience this same peace.

Preppers are constantly buzzing about, storing up things, food, water, gold, silver, “stuff” of all kinds. But the most important area of preparation is the spiritual one. When you trust your Father with all your heart, what is there to panic about? His promises are still true—every word of the Bible is written there for us to feed on and nourish our souls. Then we can do whatever He tells us to do knowing we are under the shadow of His wings. He is in control and will guide us.

Spiritual prepping involves constant prayer, seeking Him through the study of His Word, waiting on Him in silence to impart direction. As long as we are close to our Abba Daddy, He will be sending warnings, imparting courage and strength, and offering His love and peace in the midst of the storms. Can you see why this is the most important prepping you can do? What does it matter if you have stocked up five years of food, but you live in fear, anger, panic attacks, dread and turmoil? None whatsoever! Inner peace is your first priority.

When the judgments of God begin, many will panic. We are the called, the chosen, who are to be ready at every opportunity to offer the reason for our hope. Those who are unprepared will flock to those who have peace, hope and courage. That will be needed more than anything else. How will you offer that if you don’t have it yourself? We live in the Spirit, knowing our next life is filled with every good thing, beyond our imagination. What we experience on this earth is temporary. We must be ready to offer the good news of Jesus’ plan to those who have no hope, for their time on earth may be cut short by disasters.

Don’t wait for a traumatic event to decide it’s time to look for God. There are issues in each of us that need to be resolved now. They are hindering your ability to hear the voice of God. Stop your busyness now and get still and quiet before your Father and ask Him to reveal the areas you need to work on, to release to Him, so that you have a clear channel to hear Him. Get rid of that thing that brings you to fear, riles your anger or blocks your relationship with God. There is no time to waste. It’s time to draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

If you need help with your issues, now is the time to seek godly counsel. Don’t wait. God needs every member of His mighty army dressed and ready to minister to the hopeless. Your assignment is waiting.