I’m going to be posting a series on a new level of spiritual warfare that the Lord has been showing me. Please pray over this and I welcome any feedback.

I don’t know what day it was, but a few months ago the Lord revealed to me that a new level of evil had been unleashed on the earth. Sitting in a chair in my bedroom praying, I was sensing a spiritual darkness and heaviness that was stifling. I asked Him what it was and that was His answer.

In times past, the Lord has intercepted such outpourings from satan and shielded the world in different ways. In a certain sense, He continues His protections, however, He has now removed some of His covering and is allowing the evil to follow the beckoning of the world.

Non-believers are about to experience the consequences of spitting in God’s face, rejecting Him at every turn. They have longed for and even demanded a self-centered, unholy existence and thus will begin to reap what they have sown. This is not a happy scenario nor is it what we as believers want; but nevertheless, God’s judgments have begun. The people have been warned. They refuse to listen. Lawlessness and darkness increase by the day. They have ordered it and He is allowing it to be delivered.Matthew 24:12:“Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. We have definitely seen this scripture played out during the election and following. Cold, bitter hatred is flowing to a degree that can be frightening.

We also see more severe weather events, affecting thousands. Fires, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes abound. People are losing loved ones, homes, businesses, pets, and more. Do they call out to God, turning their lives to Him? Or do they curse Him and refuse to see His hand in all of it? This is a defining moment for many. We need to pray they will choose life, choose Him.

What does the increase in lawlessness mean for us, as His children? It is time to get serious. Like never before. We can no longer play games. We must be on our faces before God, in regular communion with Him, in repentence for our own ungodliness, and tuned to His directives. If evil is unleashed at a new level, our understanding of spiritual warfare is also being pushed to a new level. He has shown me that wimpy, anemic little prayers are not going to cut it. We must be empowered from on High, filled with the Holy Spirit, built up in our faith, and never, ever entertain doubt or unbelief. The enemy knows our level of faith and will manipulate us in our weakest places. He showed me that the forces of darkness are stronger than ever, and His people are weaker than ever. Most people pass through each day without a thought of the unseen forces at work around them.

Are you well grounded in your comprehension of who you are in Christ? Do you have an understanding of the power within you as Jesus lives in and through you? If not, you cannot waste a single day. You must get these truths deeply embedded into your thinking and belief system … now. If you need help, ask for it.

We must be walking in the Spirit throughout our days and nights. We must be in some mode of prayerfulness at all times. Constant communion with the Father keeps us on track.  We must ask the Lord to fill us with a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit, don our armors, cover our families and homes with the blood of Jesus, and be attuned to the leading and guidance of His Voice. He will give discernment, warnings, direction and leading down the right roads. The enemy’s whispers will be stronger than ever, and will be attempting to convince us it’s God’s voice instead of his. God’s sheep know His Voice. But deception abounds. If our guard is down, we can fall prey to that deception. Deception is what leads the world into the arms of the Antic hrist system.

Revelation 12:17 says “the dragon was enraged at the woman, and went to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore.” Satan is angry with us, and he’s going to get even angrier. He knows his time is short. He operates primarily on deception. This why we have no choice except to be soaking up the Word of God and standing on Truth. We cannot be led astray by our emotions, false prophecies, false teachings, or false signs and wonders. These are happening now, even in prominent churches, and will increase. This is a precursor to the devastating deception to come.

Be alert. Be vigilant. Be aware. Every second. One night last week I had been praying before I went to sleep and also listening to a teaching on faith. I fell asleep with a strong sense of peace and faith and trust in my Father. At 3:30 a.m. I awoke to a loud crash, startling me to sit up in bed with my heart pounding. A large framed picture I had on the wall across from my bed had fallen, knocked two pottery vases onto the floor and made quite a mess.That picture had been there in that spot for ten years. The nail was still intact in the wall.  I felt a dark spirit in the room. I began to pray. Interestingly, the picture was of a large, warrior angel. I felt it was some sort of message. As I prayed, I realized that even though I knew this was a spiritual attack, I felt no fear, no anxiety. I had perfect peace. Praise God!

It wasn’t just that the picture fell. You might say it was just a fluke. I know when demon spirits are coming at me. I never have to wonder. Other times I’ve had things fall or go bump in the night mysteriously and I know it’s nothing. I pray for that discernment every day and God gives it. And believe me, I’ve had much more serious attacks. This was just one example.

I don’t want to belabor this point today. I just feel the Lord urging me to impress upon you to be aware that things are different at this point than they’ve ever been. The lawlessness will increase. The darkness will grow. We are approaching the days described which must come to pass before Jesus’ return.

The flip side—the good side–is that He is going to empower us like never before as well! We are going to see miracles. We are going to do miracles in His name! We are His chosen ones and He has good plans. We need to encourage one another continually to stand strong through the battles because the victories are about to be phenomenal!

We cannot take part in the glories if we crumble in the attacks, or if we fall into deception along the way. Please heed the warnings and keep your swords sharpened and your armor oiled.