1) Identify the point(s) that feel impossibly negative. Speak the thought aloud.

“Nobody cares if I write a blog this week or not.”

 2)  Stop to evaluate if it’s really true or just feels true right now.

Well, there was that one person who told me she looks forward to my blogs. Maybe a few people care. But I definitely need more interaction from readers.

3)  What step(s) could I take to reverse the idea and begin to feel positive?

Maybe I could ask some people what they like or don’t like about my blog.

Start with my most positive person, of course. Maybe I could ask a pertinent question, or propose a subject I’m passionate about. I should do that right now, and see what happens.     

4)  What outcome might cause me to feel more positive?

Some encouraging input would lift my spirits and give me that little push I need to keep going. Who knows, maybe I could pick up some new followers.  

5) How can I change the initial negative thought into a positive statement?

Speak it aloud to try it out.

I need to see more engagement of readers on my blog. I’m going to do a little research on what’s trending today and find a pertinent question to include with a new topic.  I’m also going to try incorporating what my friend suggested and see what happens.

Now I feel so much more motivated — actually inspired — to move ahead and create some waves in the blog world. The articles I read showed me some possible mistakes I’ve made and gave me some good ideas as well.

My mood has changed!