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Nancy LaPointe

Nancy LaPointe

Living in God's Rest... At Peace in a Chaotic World

Nancy LaPointe, author of Living in God's Rest... At Peace in A Chaotic World, doesn't believe in coincidence. She believes that God has a plan. So when the idea of "resting in Him" started turning up repeatedly in her life-on the radio, in emails, in whatever she was reading-she listened. She began to study the concept and felt that God was leading her to share His revelations with others.

And who doesn't live with stress these days? As I was reading Nancy's book, I was struck with how much I needed to hear its message. I quickly recognized myself in her portrait of today's busy independent professional, doggedly juggling career, family, social and community activities, personal endeavors and hobbies. Not just keeping up with the Joneses, but staying out in front of a whole pack of strong-willed, determined Joneses.

Both our human nature and society drive us to prove our worth through how much we can handle. We wear our busyness like a badge of success, but at what cost? The price of a culture of highly focused, highly busy individuals is the absence of peace. Nancy quips, "You would have to be a total iconoclastic hermit to be living in this decade and not be aware of the events taking place around us that are chaotic." We live in a time of increasing unrest and epidemic hyperactivity. Fear, rebellion, violence, and evil are escalating all around us.

A central message of Nancy's book is that we can experience inner peace no matter what is happening in our lives or in the world. But "resting is much more than just taking a nap or stopping our frantic pace of life for a quick breather before running onward." Chasing after the world's ways of dealing with stress-vacations, self-help books, prescription drugs-may offer temporary relief, but in the end, will not bring deep or lasting peace. Entering God's rest requires us to grow spiritually and learn to depend on Him. It means "living so close to God that we can hear His heartbeat."

Neither does resting in God mean that we live without worry or fear, for we are human after all. It means trusting God in a way that brings peace to the soul, "understanding that His plans and purposes are always good, regardless of how they appear at the time."

"Resting is totally about trust." When we abide in trust and faith that God is in control and we are not, we can close our eyes to what other people want, demand, or think. When we understand that God has all wisdom and knowledge by which to govern and lead, we are freed from the need to carry our own burdens and freed from the false notion that we control destiny. We no longer need to drive ourselves to exhaustion trying to amass worldly accolades, material wealth, or personal achievements. We find rest in our submission to God's control.

God's rest is also about freedom. "Freedom means you are not chained, in bondage, drowning, or suffocating. It means you sleep soundly. It means you don't have migraines, muscle tension, stomach cramps, bad moods, or temper tantrums." When body, soul, and spirit are in harmony and at peace, we enter God's rest.

With insight and clarity, Nancy reveals how wrong thinking has led us down a path of destruction. She then tenderly and compassionately redirects readers toward the perception that peace and rest come from a total reliance on God. This cannot happen without an understanding of who God really is, as well as who we were created to be. So many things can get in the way of our peace, and we must be willing to eradicate obstacles and view the world in a different way.

Through poignant examples and personal stories, Living in God's Rest provides the ultimate step-by-step guide for learning to let go of tensions, worries, and past traumas that bind us, so that we can learn to relax in God's grace and enter a place of rest, regardless of what is happening all around us.

Nancy LaPointe grew up a New Mexican, mostly in the Artesia/Carlsbad area, but lived most of her early years in Lubbock, Texas. Moving to Las Cruces in 1989, she met and married her husband Hank, and they lived in Las Cruces until 2006 when they relocated to Ruidoso. "We had enjoyed this area all our lives and felt at home finally living here full-time."

Nancy has a bachelor's degree in social work, and a master's degree in pastoral counseling. She started out working in medical social work, but finding herself very involved in ministry, decided to obtain her graduate degree in counseling. She was ordained as an associate pastor at a large, non-denominational church in Las Cruces, where most of her time was focused on counseling and in healing ministry.

Many people in Lincoln County became acquainted with Nancy when she served as the Coordinator for the Lincoln County Community Health Council until 2010, when the state legislature ended health council funding. She has also served as a counselor at the Nest and as a chaplain for hospice patients.

Enjoying retirement and continuing to do some healing ministry, Nancy now is focused on writing and creative arts. She leads a ladies' Bible study group at Angus Church and is active with the Cleansing Streams ministry through Grace Harvest Church. She is currently working on two new books and hopes to publish within the next 3-6 months.

Living in God's Rest, published by West Bow Press (a division of Thomas Nelson), is available through all major booksellers, including ebook versions. It is also available through Nancy's website: She will be happy to send a signed copy if you indicate your request on the website.

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Living In God’s Rest

February 17, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I pray you are all well and have had a wonderful weekend and a restful and enlightening Sunday! Speaking of restful Sunday, I am so excited and honored to be able to introduce you to a new book that will bring new focus on a subject as old as history.

A good friend of mine, Nancy LaPointe—who is a Christian counselor and an author — has a recently published her new book entitled, Living In God’s Rest: At Peace In A Chaotic World. Rather than rush right into this book review, I would like to present what I perceive to be an intense experience in discovering God’s rest and peace for the author. This experience can be yours also!

I personally met Nancy and her husband for the first time through a mutual friend. Nancy and her husband came to our mission church on the Mescalero Apache reservation in SE New Mexico to offer their gift of service during a revival we were holding. The second time that we worked together revolved around her providing Christian counseling for one of my church members.

She is the real deal and her main purpose for writing this book is in obedience of her call from God to do so. That being said — let us take a look at what I call a very Spirit-filled and spiritually enlightening experience. Yes, that’s right. I said a spiritually enlightening experience, not just a great read from a great book.

Nancy has a way of making God’s truths come alive. Her writing style is one of lively communication, a — from her to you — verbalization in written form that expands your thinking about God’s word while lifting you to new heights of understanding and application of God’s truths. In other words, her new book is an experience of meeting God face-to-face as you lose yourself in its pages.

Nancy’s book is organized into 16 delightful chapters that take you on a journey of understanding, desiring, and finding God’s rest. It is full of biblical Scripture references that provide contextual truths as sign posts on your journey of discovery. God’s rest for yourself and those you love can be found within its pages. You will find extremely comforting and beneficial meditations on Scripture that provide the living water from the well of Jesus’ love.

This book paints a picture, in well chosen and thoughtful prose, revealing the Chaos in the world and God’s answer to it. With stunning narrative and talented story-telling, Nancy paints that picture in multi-colored dimensions that not only make her words come alive but allow her words to sink deep down inside — providing a warmth of understanding that you can’t bear to put down.

This is one book that provides a three-dimensional look at the many aspects of resting in God. Unlike other books that touch on this subject, the reader comes away from the experience with a deep and abiding desire to have a closer walk with Christ. Learning how to live in God’s rest allows you to see yourself in perspective, to notice the anxiety that comes from running from crisis to crisis — depending on self. You discover and gain experience putting your faith and trust in Him.

Nancy describes the experience of putting on Christ and His righteousness and seeing yourself and the world in like-mindedness with Him. Nothing can grow your faith better than seeing things through His eyes. The medical profession has known for decades that rest for the body is one of the best medications one can have for physical illnesses. Nancy provides a worldview from God’s plan for us. She provides guidance in discovering your path to living in God’s rest for healing damaged emotions and the damaging effects of depression. We are vividly shown how to recognize positive change, how to prevent satanic deception, and to be humble and accepting of God’s sovereignty in our lives.

This book also tackles the subject of suffering in the lives of Christians and sheds truth on this subject in a way that opens the heart and provides understanding. The last two chapters of Living In God’s Rest wrap this package of the pearls of wisdom that are found between its covers. I choose to allow you to discover these blessings, like a child opening its long-awaited presents, because the joy is in the discovery! Happy discoveries!

Until next time!



Wednesday, 31 December 2014 00:00

The Long Sigh….Saying Goodbye to 2014


Breathe it out….ahhh….a long deep sigh that says goodbye to 2014.  It’s over and done. It had it’s hallelujah days and it’s grueling, not-so-hot ones. Just like other years, we started out with big plans and through the busy days and nights, we watched them play out --- some differently than we envisioned, but completed just the same. Some people pooh-pooh resolutions and goals, but at times we need those things to fuel us. They can assist us in mentally bagging up the past and carrying it out to the dumpster so that we can start fresh.


Starting a crisp, blank page for a new year is psychologically stimulating, inspiring and overall healthy. It helps remind us that we always have another chance to reach success in some area, enjoy life in a new way, or find peace where there was none. Before you groan at those who are enthusiastically writing their resolutions, take a moment to envision who you might be with a little more zeal for life.


Throughout each year we all have our ups and downs. The question is really what we do with those roller coaster rides. Do we learn from past mistakes and determine to take a different course? Many of us fall into a rut where we just dredge up the same old excuses and stay in that rut. Maybe this is the time to make that decision to change focus; the time to take an honest assessment of who we are and enjoy a year of new beginnings.


Initiate your change with an intentional declaration to stop judging yourself harshly. Accept who you are and celebrate yourself! You are filled with gifts, talents, love and grand experience that can benefit others beautifully. Take time to be thankful for who you are. Give yourself a break.  And then, when some negatives jump up to mock you, look them square in the face, ask God if they’re things you might need some work on, smile and ask Him for ways to do that. One at a time. You are His and He takes delight in you. He will show you what to do.


Resolutions, the worldly way, tend to be things we work hard at doing for ourselves. In God’s scheme of things, it should mean that we submit ourselves to Him, relax and rest in His love, and seek Him each day for direction. If that is our mode of operation each day of 2015, at the end of the year, we’ll be feeling pretty successful. That’s my plan. Hope it encourages you as well.  


Happy New Year!


Sunday, 14 December 2014 00:00

Bah Humbug! What is Jesus Thinking?



Are you just about ready to yell, “Bah Humbug!” Is the Christmas spirit turning into a bad spirit that seems to be haunting you? Breathe deeply. You are not alone. December is a crazy, chaotic month when expectations can smother you like a heavy fog moving in for the kill. Lists, lists, and more lists. Other people requesting things and the calendar is your enemy. Cold, damp weather brings on some joint pain and stiffness in the old folks (yeah, that’s me) and the juggling act is an amazing performance.  The bah-humbug spirit is chasing hard after your last nerve!  You didn’t expect this from me, did you? Actually, in the midst of the frenzy, I confess that I can feel all those things, but I do love sitting at night before bed with my hot vanilla chamomile tea, scrolling through the lovely photos online at whatever site I land. Those amazing shots of winter wonderland forests, candles burning on mantels, and chihuahuas in their red sweaters do help me relax and smile and think some fuzzy thoughts about the season.


Several phone calls I received this past week reminded me that not everyone is basking in the glow of the fireplace while hanging their stockings. Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year. People without families envision “everyone else” coming together with love, gifts and warm embraces, while they’re sitting home alone. Single people fantasize that life would likely be perfect at Christmas with a spouse to share it with. Many who struggle to make ends meet every month of the year push themselves to ulcers trying to figure out how to buy gifts for everyone, in addition to paying the past due bills. And, those grieving the loss of loved ones reminisce and long for times past. These things can rob us of joy and peace in a heartbeat.


What is Jesus thinking as He looks upon us in our hectic activities and stress filled days? Of course, I don’t know, but I think I can make an educated guess. I think He is slowly shaking his head, reaching out His nail scarred hands toward each of us, attempting to calm us, to infuse us with His peace and love. He longs for us to stop the insanity and just sit at His feet. Just be with Him. He doesn’t really care if we celebrate His birth.He certainly doesn’t care about our shopping and parties. He just wants us to be so filled with His love and His Presence that our lives illuminate the darkness----in a more pure and perfect way than all the twinkling lights on our rooftops. If only we could get it! We don’t need all the hype. We only need Him. Joy and peace originate with Him. There is no other place to find them.

When January finally settles in, I want to look back and say that my best Christmas was this one---the one where I took more time to sit with Jesus, getting to know Him more, experience Him more deeply, and the one where I didn’t really care about the gifts, decor and food. Those things are nice, but they are the lesser things. Like Mary and Martha (in Luke 10), Jesus was blessed by Mary’s heart of zeal to sit at His feet and experience fellowship with Him, while Martha was scurrying about, fretting. There’s really no reason why we can’t change things in our holiday routines. We can. I am working on it. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men is a wonderful ambition. And the best way to celebrate Christmas. Let’s try to make some positive changes so that we truly experience the love of Jesus and share it with everyone we are in contact with. I believe that is the real Christmas spirit. The Holy Spirit of God moving in us and through us. As others observe our peace and joy, they will begin to reach out to Him to receive it too.


Best Wishes to you all this season!

Sunday, 07 December 2014 00:00

Out of the Saltshaker

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Matt 5:13

Jesus is speaking here to the people surrounding him on the hillside, who were anxious to soak up all that He had to teach. Instilling the principles of being light in a dark world was not an easy task. The people back then were not that different from people today. There were different types of challenges in their culture, of course, but the basic human frailties and strengths were the same. The world was full of darkness, crime and evil. Followers of Yeshua searched for ways to live out the gospel as He taught it. We all share that hunger and thirst to to be salt and light. He says that if the salt loses its saltiness, it's good for nothing except the trash pile.

We must daily do a “salt check” to see if we are still sprinkling the darkness to keep it fresh. Salt is a preservative in one sense. Spiritual salt preserves Christ's word and dispenses it into the bland, colorless, monotonous areas of the world. The truth of the gospel salts the negative nothingness of the “world's” ways to spice it up and make it not only interesting, but more palatable. Let us never grow weary of finding the freshness of the deeper things of God and ever willing to share them.

I recently came across “Herbs & Spices” by Michael McIntyre. McIntyre talked about salt & pepper sitting on the table ready to be used while various spices, like oregano, rosemary, cumin, thyme, paprika, were kept inside a cupboard waiting. McIntyre says: “Occasionally the cupboard door is opened & these other spices see the salt & the pepper sitting on the table. One spice, looking at them says, ‘What have they got that we haven’t? Ever been out of the cupboard, oregano?’ ‘Once, when they cooked spaghetti bolognaise in 1988.’ ‘What about you, cumin? Ever been out the cupboard?’ ‘Yes, just once, when they moved from their old house to this house.’ ‘What about you, paprika?’ ‘I fell out the cupboard once, & they put me back in, the wrong way round. I’ve stayed like that for 7 years.’ ‘What about you on the end? Who are you?’ ‘I’m Five Spice. I am better than all of you & have been part of recipes in China for thousands of years.’ ‘O, yes, but have you ever been out of this cupboard?’ ‘No!’”

Funny, but obviously salt is the most useful and popular spice. Salt is also used in healing such as when you gargle warm salt water for a sore throat. Christians in this world are the salt, distribute the salt and utilize the salt. Colossians 4:6 says, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” If our conversation is seasoned with salt, we will be drawing people to the Lord, causing them to look deeper into themselves and toward God. Our seasoning will pull them out of their usual thought cycles and into a mindset of seeking more, seeking Him. And it will be done with grace, love and insight that come directly from the Father. That's how you will know how to answer everyone! Come out of the saltshaker and season the world this week.

Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:00

The Night is Almost Gone



Do this, knowing the time, that it is already the hour for you to awaken from sleep; for now salvation is nearer to us than when we believed.The night is almost gone, and the day is near. Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of right living…Romans 13:11-12


The alarm is sounding!  Do you sometimes sleep through the ringing of your alarm clock in the morning?  Certain people in my family (which shall remain nameless) can sleep through the most obnoxious alarm tone ever known to man.  I can’t imagine sleeping that soundly, to not even hear that noise or be stirred by it.


The truth is that many in the church are in the same state of deep slumber. Prophets and watchmen have been sounding a loud, sometimes even grating, message of warning to ‘wake up now’.  Over and over we hear the watchmen’s messages of getting our houses in order, our spiritual hearts right.  And yet….many Christians are placing their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes and saying blahblahblahblah……  don’t want to hear it.  I’ve heard every imaginable response to the ‘get ready’ message, the most common being that people have always thought it was the end times and there’s been no major earthshaking change, so life goes on.  It’s easier to live in denial.  


“The night is almost gone, and the day is near.”  The “night” is the dark world in which we currently reside.  The “day” is the day of Christ’s coming.  The day is near.  We must don the armor of light, the armor of right living, purity, godliness, preparing ourselves to be a spotless bride.  If the awesomeness of God is so powerful one cannot look on Him and live, what will happen when we’re standing in His Presence and our hearts are still full of anger, unforgiveness, greed, jealousy, etc.  We will disintegrate into a pool of regret.  Yes, we are His forever, forgiven, loved and redeemed.  However, He has given us mandates, commands, non-negotiable guidelines for walking in His Spirit, with our eyes focused on Jesus, the Light.  A spotless Bride requires house cleaning of massive dimensions.  He helps us do the work because we are His. Then, we reach out to a lost and dying world who wants to know the reason for our hope.   


The earth shall soon dissolve like snow; The sun forbear to shine

But God who called me here below, Will be forever mine, will be forever mine

You are forever mine

Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Lyrics

Ask God to reveal to you what your role is in sounding the alarm.  You may not be a prophet, but you are a redeemed, beloved disciple who is called to be salt and light.  Be sure your alarm is not droning on unheeded, first.  Then, get serious about your part in touching a wounded, bleeding world who needs the Light of Christ.  

Saturday, 12 January 2013 00:00

Writing your book

I'm going to write a book!  Have you ever said that?  Lately I've talked with several people who claim they are going to write a book, especially one about their life experiences.  It's a wonderful idea.  Why not?  As a counselor, I can tell you that it's very therapeutic.  Putting your story on paper (or screen) is cathartic and healing. 

Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

What are your favorite books?

I love books!!  I especially love it when people are willing to share their life experiences and what they have learned from them.  We need each other.  Sometimes when I'm at my lowest, God leads me to someone's testimony that I can really relate to, and it gives me that little booster to keep on keepin on.  I love it when others tell me that my experiences have encouraged them or motivated them to keep looking toward the goal, or to keep seeking God, regardless of the obstacles. 

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 00:00


Well, 2013 is off and running! I'm pretty excited about my new book coming out next week. I shared with friends and family about it and now am hoping to get the word out a bit further. The book, “Living in God's Rest” is all about being set free from worry, stress and anxiety. Truthfully, I'm still learning day by day. God keeps showing me new revelations in this area that apply to my own life and I felt that I needed to share them.

Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00

Peace in the Chaos

Good Morning!

I am so blessed by your comments on my new book!  Thank you!   I hope that even if you don't read my book that your thoughts about "His Rest" will cause you to explore that topic for yourself.

Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

Waiting Rooms

This week I once again found myself sitting in waiting rooms.  Waiting rooms are an entity all their own.  Though I generally bring along a book, I've noticed that I am more fascinated by people watching.  People just have a natural struggle against waiting.  This week almost everyone waiting along with me had an electronic device of some sort that they were glued to. 

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