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Nancy LaPointe

Nancy LaPointe

Friday, 10 October 2014 17:55

Freedom from Domestic Violence

Freedom from Domestic Violence

Throbbing head, clenching muscles in the stomach, hands shaking, she paces the kitchen, watching out the window for any sign of his return.  Kids are at school, thank God, but the storm is brewing.  There appears to be no way out.  Finances are stretched to the absolute max, and some bills aren’t going to get paid this month. Parents are threatening to step in because they don’t like the looks of the situation.  One teacher called to report worries about the youngest, who is crying and withdrawing at school.  There’s nowhere to go.  Friends are afraid of him too.  Relatives will try to take over and cause him to really go ballistic.  Shelters are there, but what will that do to the kids?  And where would the dog end up?  There are no more tears to shed, no more idealistic dreams that he will stop.  His lame promises from the last blowup are a caustic memory now.  And, in the impending storm on the horizon, she knows that no matter what she says or does, it will be all her fault, and he will do whatever he wills.  She cannot change the course of his rage, his attitudes or behaviors.  It is hopeless.

October is a month that focuses on domestic violence.  People who have never experienced it, do not understand it.  The comments people make to women are ridiculous.  It is not simple.  There is not an easy fix. Yes, she probably made some bad decisions along the way, (besides hooking up with him), but nothing constitutes abuse.  Nothing.  The reality is that she will hear the constant drum of “if only,” or “you should have” which beats menacingly in her ears night and day.  She will hear it from him, but she will also hear it from family, friends, church family, neighbors, her own children, and finally from herself.  Guilt and shame, mixed with fear, feed a rising tide of hopelessness in her soul.

Educating the public on this topic is critical.  The jokes, the passing sarcasms, and the defense of “provoked” men is unconscionable.  There is never a justification for abuse. Mature, responsible adults can find help.  It’s out there. Life is tough. Life is stressful, as is marriage and parenting. Jobs are difficult, and being jobless even more so.  Add addictions to the mix and the help needed becomes more intense, but there are resources for help in all those areas.  For the men as well as the women. It’s a matter of choice.

Years ago I was that abused woman.  The agony of failure and hopelessness was overwhelming.  Today I look back and can hardly recognize myself.  God saved me from myself, and my abuser.  This is not about “religion.” It’s about a God Who loves deeply and directs your path right into the answers to the hard questions.  He heals. He changes situations supernaturally.  He had a stalker mysteriously apprehended and taken out of state.  He opened doors of opportunity for school and work that before appeared nonexistent. He brought peace to my weary soul.  I don’t call myself a survivor.  I have scaled heights so much higher than merely surviving.  God has healed me, taught me, moved me to a deeper understanding of myself, of others, and of Him, that transformed my life.  It can happen for anyone who seeks Him. Programs and shelters are wonderful.  I support their work wholeheartedly and have been employed there.  Resources are gifts never to be ignored.  But the bottom line is a Savior Who doesn’t just rescue, but heals completely, transforming the thinking, leading to a secure, confident identity, making fear a thing of the past.  It isn’t an overnight  miracle.  There are steps to freedom. Those steps are the best you’ll ever take.

If you are in an abusive situation, please call your local DV shelter or program and start those steps to freedom. Contact me if you would like to talk with me or for me to pray for you.  Your life can change. There is hope!  I care. Others who work in the domestic violence field care very much. Never believe the lie that no one cares or that you have to stay where you are. Do it today.  You can begin with a fresh start and have people who have walked a similar road there to go forward with you. Do it now.  I am praying now for you to have the courage to make the call or send the email.  You can do it!


Monday, 28 April 2014 21:14

Feelin Good at Church

Feel Good  Christianity
"I feel good, nana-nana-nana-na."  Ha! Remember that song?  Feeling good is so important in today's culture that we will do just about anything to stay in the groove.  The world we live in dictates our growing need for comfort and encouragement.   Naturally, this philosophy follows us right into the church.  ­­­­­­­­­I know people who are undoubtedly going to be upset with me for writing this today, but it has been eating away at me for a long time.
First, let's take a little walk down memory lane, back just a few years in church history, and then look at how we have progressed.  Growing up in the 50's and 60's many of us attended church as a family.  The church bells rang out over the town as families went inside their respective denominational buildings, usually bearing a steeple and stained glass windows.  We sat on pews, listened to an organ and piano playing hymns as we praised, then listened to a sermon which expounded on the necessity and the urgency of choosing heaven or hell.  There was quite a bit of praying, on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings, and other prayer groups on other weekdays.  Fellowships halls were places filled with homemade potluck foods, baked by the ladies, lots of coffee, tea and laughter.  Picnics in the park or on the church grounds were looked forward to by all.  If there was sickness or a death in a family, not only did the pastor and his wife visit and pray, but church members took food, sent cards in the mail and came by the family's home to help with errands, chores around the house or babysitting.  Right now, it sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, but it was what it was.  Was it perfect? Of course not.  However, it was foundational for many of us.
As the culture shifted through the years, we saw women breaking out of their bondages of different sorts, children breaking free of parental control, men abdicating spiritual authority as well as parental responsibilities, and people in general demanding independence from constricting moral codes (like marriage).  Everyone was moving to a freer lifestyle, a more fun one, and one in which each could determine their own course and no one had the right to infringe on anyone else's decisions.  The idols of the culture became fun, comfort, feeling good, freedom and tolerance.  Where was the church in all of this?
The church in general about that time was definitely not keeping up with the times.  People who were becoming more enlightened and free felt very confined and even bored to go into a little church with an organ playing that draggy music.  They couldn't blame their kids for not wanting to go.  Husbands couldn't take it any more and started playing golf on Sunday mornings.  Women actually enjoyed a chance to finally get to use their leadership skills so they pretty much took over church meetings.  The preachers were struggling the worst.  Nobody wanted to hear a sermon about sin or hell; that really put a damper on things. 
So, leaving out many steps along the way which you can fill in yourself, we arrive at today's church.  If all the family members go, (which is a big "if"), they arrive in separate cars, and attend different services or classes.  The parking lot is so large you must catch a shuttle, but it's okay because it lets you out at the coffee bar and you can watch videos while you wait for your friends.  The music is lively and fun....and loud...and the songs are about making you feel better.  (But, it's a shame you can't take grandma because it hurts her ears).  The sermon is the best part.  Why?  Because it really makes you feel good.  You don't have to worry about any of that sin stuff because it's all about how God loves you, wants you rich and famous, prosperous and happy.  All your friends and neighbors like to go because it's fun.  There are so many different types of entertainment available you can go to church any day of the week and have fun.  There is a paid staff member to cover any unfortunate events, such as a death in the family.  Wonderful caterers will even deliver a meal if necessary.  And, best of all, no matter what you do or how you live, no one will judge you or offend you in any way.  You can be comfortable.   Yes, church has definitely evolved. 
An interesting phenomena is that nowdays when a church goer is asked a biblical question, the answers are vague or completely out of context from what the writer intended.  As long as the topic concerns feeling good, becoming prosperous financially,  always being healthy, or anything else that feels good, some verses can be quoted.  But....if a question arises that goes deeper into the meat of the gospel, confusion reigns.  The world culture and church culture are pretty much one in the same.  People can justify just about any behavior or attitude by twisting things just right, even Bible verses.  There's no need to offend anyone.  We can all feel good.
Do you suppose Jesus and his disciples offended anyone when they were out spreading the gospel?  Do you think they spent a lot of time figuring out how to make temple time fun?  Did the people who walked miles to hear a sermon get offended and demand that Jesus publicly apologize?  If so, do you think He did?  Do you suppose Jesus was more interested in making people feel good than saving them from an eternity in hell? 
I agree that in some ways church operations have to follow the times to an extent.  The service of the 50's and 60's is not always relevant today, just as in Jesus' day things operated differently.  However, the Word of God is the same.  It is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword.  The person who studies it from cover to cover, seeking the true and in-depth meanings inside, will never be bored.  And they won't always feel good either.  The Word is convicting, to help us grow.  Where did we lose that hunger to be better, to be cleansed of our old sin and seek godliness?  The Holy Spirit illuminates Bible passages and imparts things that astound and inspire.  The church in general has lost that wonder, that spark of the flame of God, that love, their first love.....Jesus.  You can plaster His name on buses and billboards but if He's not living inside you, you have nothing.  No amount of fun and entertainment will ever fulfill your deepest needs like He can.  The Word empowers one to do self-examination and be inspired to grow and be better, not comfortable.
I am grieved so deeply over today's church.  People talk a big talk, but in reality, their time is focused on their electronic devices, their jobs and their fun and entertainment.  Soon it will all be taken away, and then what?  If His Word is not hidden in your heart, you will be devastated beyond belief because your fun and entertainment will not sustain you.  At this point, some will accuse me of "judging."  I don't think it's judgmental to examine our actions and make direct observations.  I am trying to be loving. I am thankful that there are a few solid churches active today with pastors who preach the full gospel.  But unfortunately, many, as Jesus Himself said, will stand before Him saying "Lord, Lord," and He will say "depart from Me.  I never knew you."  Then, even though you sang all the 7-11 songs about how good God made you feel, singing it over and over and over, with Jesus' name on your T-shirt, you will walk into total darkness for all eternity.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 19:39

Preventing Stressful Holidays

Preventing Stress Through the Holidays

It appears that the day after Halloween officially kicks off the Christmas season.  Since I love Thanksgiving, I hate how it gets cheated!  I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, giving it it's rightful honor.  Turkey is almost sacred at my house--ask my family.  It's a tradition that for me has wonderful memories from childhood family reunions and a closeness that will never leave my heart. Of course, as a child it was seen through very rose colored glasses, which is okay....and as it should be.

The truth hits home when we grow up! Family get-togethers can be the most tension producing times of the whole year. As a counselor, I have plenty of stories to back me up on this. Holidays, which are supposed to be fun, beautiful and bonding experiences, are usually filled with disappointments, financial stress, and unfulfilled expectations.  It really doesn't have to be that way.

My offering to you this week is to encourage you to start now and do some pre-planning. I want you to do some serious thinking about how things are done, and some prayerful prioritizing to make it different this year.  Stop and spend one hour with a pen and paper (or of course, your ipad) and jot down the things that usually drive you nuts during the holidays.  Then list the things that bless you and that you love and enjoy.  I think it would be great to put the 'love and enjoy' list on your frig or bathroom mirror so you can be reminded when you're having a bad day.  

Take the chaotic, frustrating list and begin to pray over it. Ask the Lord to show you ways to change those things. Okay, so you can't change that Aunt Mildred shows up drunk every time.  But, you can pray if there are things you could do before the big day to help her relieve her own stress which might domino onto yours. could assign someone who it doesn't irritate to sort of be her buffer to keep her out of the kitchen while you're cooking. Do you get my drift?  You will be amazed as God works. Maybe Aunt Mildred will even bring a great dessert instead of fruitcake.

Finances are usually another major stressor.  Pray over your list of expenses and see what you could slash or ways to reduce costs.  Trust God to reveal things to you. Remind yourself daily that "things" are overrated and it's the simplest gifts that mean the most. Maybe your family would consider handmade little gifts or foregoing gifts and giving a donation to some charitable cause. Discuss starting some new family traditions that are simpler, but more meaningful than buying expensive gifts. Have a family meeting to discuss it. You might be surprised at their responses.

Never underestimate the power of prayer.  If you start now, trusting God's guidance, and continually praying over the to-do lists and the overwhelming preparations, you will be amazed at how He intervenes. He doesn't desire you to be a worn out, frazzled wreck through these weeks. He wants you to walk in joy. Seriously consider simplifying it all. Envision yourself on New Year's Day not being tired and dealing with mangled emotions, but joyful and peaceful. It is possible. (I'm convincing myself too, friends.)

Prayer, Pre-planning, Prayer, Positive Thinking, Prayer, Peace.  Take a long, deep, cleansing breath and Praise God for all the good things He has done this past year. He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Even in the midst of shopping, cleaning, cooking, dealing with a few difficult relatives, and financial tension. He is the same--yesterday, today, and forever. Right there with you. Make this year different. 

Scriptures for Encouragement:

“Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:5-8

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Resources for Further Study:

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Holiday Stress:

Creativity: God's Gift to You; Your Gift to God

"See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills - to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts." (Exodus 31:2-5)

Creativity. Imagine yourself sitting on a boulder by the sea, observing God creating the world. What an experience that would be! He is such a magnificent, imaginative and amazing Creator. The artistic gifts He exhibits through His mountains, lakes, oceans, flowers, skies, trees, animals, music, and on and on are exquisite. His eye for color and shapes and coordinating everything to bring awesome, mind-boggling beauty, is infinite. And the exciting news is that He imparts the gifts of creativity to us.

In the scripture above we see that He chose Bezalel, filled him with His Spirit, gave him wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all kinds of skills to make artistic designs....and all kinds of crafts. Amazing. And Bezalel was not the only one chosen to enjoy and use those skills. God has given all of us abilities and talents to use in our creativity. What gifts do you have? Art, painting, writing, music, woodworking, dance, quilting, sewing, crafting, decorating, designing, metal work? There are so many outlets for our creativity and they all can bring honor to God, Who bestowed them upon us to use for His glory.

Why do you think God gave us the opportunity to be creative? "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27. God created us in his image and when we imitate Him by creating, we interact with Him at a new level. If you feel blocked, having trouble connecting with God, cease the madness of working and stressing. Stop, breathe deeply, close your eyes and begin to envision what you could create. If you haven't found your niche, pray about it. Ask God what your area of artistic gift might be. He will show you. Don't be inhibited. We serve an extravagant God Who will delight in your flair for creating something. And you will be amazed at the freedom your spirit will begin to experience. As you spend time in the relaxing, beautiful exercising of your mind and hands (maybe feet), your stress will dissolve away and joy will enter your heart. God does not desire that we spend every minute of our lives in serious work. There is a time for everything, and a balanced life is a joy-filled life. Inspire and motivate others through your gifts. Honor God with your gifts, and delight yourself as well. The blessings will amaze you.


"When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: good orderly direction." -Julia Cameron

10 Tips for Slowing Down and Learning from a Type B

You’re pretty proud of being “Type A,” aren't’ you?  After all, Type A people are producers, go-getters, successful and fun.  You wouldn’t say it in just any circles, but in your head people who aren’t Type A are pretty much “losers.”  They are lazy, uncommitted, lacking passion. There is a sense of pride in being a Type A, driven, passionate soul.

Pacing oneself is defined differently by Type A folks and others. A Type A sees pacing himself as driving to a meeting without talking on his phone, and on a really hectic day, he’ll leave the radio off too, so he can think clearly….for ten minutes.  The mindset doesn’t change. Push, push and push some more. It’s a necessity. Impatience with others is one of his struggles. People just get in the way at the worst times. They’re barriers to his goals which are calling, calling, calling.

Adrenaline rushes come with constant ringtones, bleeps and buzzes surrounding him constantly. One report showed that the average person looks at their smart phone 150 times per day.

Type A’ers know no respecter of genders.  Women are as full of the ‘driven’ gene as men.  If women are multi-tasking, look out! On the go from early to late, and beyond late gets the job done. The problem with this culture of pressure, technology and drive to succeed is that no one seems to know how to stop, rest, and refresh anymore. In fact, some never see the need to do that until their body collapses or rebels with some disease rooted in stress.  Relationships suffer as well, when things are out of balance. Being proud of being a Type A might be considered the pride that goes before the fall. Maybe, just maybe we should all take a more circumspective look at Type B personalities and evaluate them a bit differently. They are, after all, solid producers as well, and might just know how to enjoy life on the way to success.

If you see yourself in this mad world of Type A drivenness, but you would love to discover a healthier balance that works, here are a few tips.

  1. Dedicate 15 minutes each morning to leave the phone off or in another room, get away from the computer and all electronics, to sit down, breathe deeply, read a Psalm, and pray. Notice your body rhythms and breathing. Quiet your soul as God refreshes you. Don’t think about work or deadlines. Listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Use your lunch hour to once again, do some deep breathing, turn off the phone and laptop, take a short walk, stretch your body, find a quiet spot and allow your body to relax. Take a few minutes to think about the positives in your life, the blessings.

  3. Laugh heartily at least once a day.  Laughter heals, relaxes and rejuvenates.

  4. Listen to someone else’s thoughts or needs with your full attention. Look into their eyes, not at your watch or phone. Be present and invest in another.

  5. Do your best to go to bed at the same time each night.  Try a cup of hot tea half an hour before bed. This again relaxes the body’s rhythms and is conducive to good sleep. Turn off all electronics and don’t have them in your bedroom if at all possible.  Research has shown that electromagnetic fields can interfere with REM sleep.  Sleep is critical to your health and mental well being. Your sleep will refresh you for the new day, as well as fighting off illness and fatigue.

  6. Eat as healthy as possible and exercise as often as you can. Your body needs fuel for the journey, and energy.  Reduce caffeine and sugar, especially those energy drinks. You need a healthy body, soul and spirit.

  7. On weekends or one evening a week, practice some form of creativity. This is hard for Type Aers, but when they try it, they are amazed. Whether it’s writing, painting, gardening, music, dance….any form of creativity reduces stress, and releases endorphins which make a person feel happier and sharper intellectually as well.

  8. Find a slot of time to think. Daydreaming, brainstorming ideas and meditating are ways to connect with God and with your own inner self. Jot down ideas that come. Force your mind to slow down, take the focus off work and to-do lists, and just be.

  9. Allow yourself to see that being driven to accomplish or produce is not always the best path. Many valuable moments with loved ones can be lost through your distracted life. Ask God to reveal to you the places you have neglected through your push to succeed.

  10. Ask yourself if pride is a problem. Look at a Type B person and evaluate the good qualities of one who takes life a bit slower and stops to smell the roses. There are as many Type B millionaires as Type A; though hopefully that isn’t your main priority. Quality of life is important to your well-being, and your loved ones who surround you.

Plowing through life like a steamroller may deceive you into thinking that’s success producing behavior, but the wise King Solomon in Ecclesiastes stated it so well, “it’s all meaningless,” especially if you’ve missed God’s calling and purposes for your life, or damaged relationships along the way.  Take time to ask God how to plan and set priorities.Then, take a long, cleansing breath and listen. Do it now, before these ideas are slung into the pile labeled “low priority”, and lost. Ask God to help you, remind you, and inspire you toward this goal. He will.


Good Morning!

I'm in sunny Albuquerque this morning, after a wonderful weekend in Pagosa Springs.  We attended the Cleansing Stream retreat in that beautiful resort area and it was awesome.  Afterward, we got to sit in the mineral hot springs, a peaceful spot where we gazed at the snow capped Rocky Mountains while we soaked up the good minerals.  It's so easy to be praising God in a situation like that!  But.....then we have to return to the real world.  I do thank God that He allows us those mountain top experiences so that we are strengthened to face the valleys again.

I sometimes feel like the grizzly bear we saw at the wild animal park while we were there.  It weighed around 1000 lbs, and was refusing to come out of it's shelter, that resembled an igloo.  It would poke it's head out and growl at us, but wouldn't come out.  I have some mornings like that where the weight of the world makes me want to hibernate forever.  I probably growl like that too.

My husband is going in for a PET scan to see if his cancer has spread.  It's no fun waiting for those types of results.  But, our God is so able and beyond able, to heal and restore, and that's what we are believing for.  It's interesting how I can watch myself leave the mountaintop and as I'm physically traveling down in altitude, my soul begins to go down also.  Do you do that too?  I was riding along in the car, leaving the soaring Spirit-filled time in Pagosa, and my thoughts were moving to the medical appointments we're facing, and down I started to go.  Bu then, my sweet Abba Father jumped right in there and reminded me Who we belong to, and Who has the final say in things.  It really doesn't matter what any doctor tells us, does it?  If God has decided we still have assignments here on earth, then we'll be here!  And, we all do have an appointed time to go home to Him, so if it is time, then we must accept that and know that His plan is always perfect, even though our finite minds don't always see that.  I certainly don't want it to be time yet for that.  I'm honest about it; I'm human and I love my husband.

I love my Father even more.  I do trust Him.  Whatever His plan is, I know that He will hold me up and move me on toward His goals for my life.  Whatever you are facing today, take time to go before your Father and be still and let Him love on you.  Let Him inject into your spirit His peace.  He will.  Hebrews 4:16 says, "So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most."  I LOVE that scripture.  His grace and mercy are beyond awesome.   I hope that if your day or your week has been especially rough, that you will go to Him.  I also would be happy to pray for you, if you send me your request.

Hold fast and trust---even when it seems hopeless.  It never is.  There is always a better day ahead.  Things always change.  Nothing stays the same.  To every thing there is a season. I'm talking to myself!

Love and prayers to you all!




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About the Author

Nancy LaPointe is a retired pastoral counselor and ordained pastor. She has written for newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and magazines for about twenty years, always with a focus on the power of God’s healing. Leading women’s retreats and Bible studies, she is passionate about helping people find emotional healing and learning to walk in freedom. Nancy enjoys living with her family in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

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Our current culture is producing anxiety-ridden and stressed-out people. The busyness of our lives, as well as certain strongholds and thinking patterns, can prevent us from connecting with God and finding His peace. Living in God’s Rest is a guide to letting go of the tensions and worries that chain us down and relaxing in His love and redemption. When we know how to enter into that divine place of rest, we can find ourselves at peace, no matter what is happening all around us.


“Thank you, Nancy, for this powerful book. God will use this to lift the heavy yokes of stress, fear, and anxiety off of people’s hearts and find rest in Him. Living in God’s Rest is an amazing book.”
—Dale Walker, author, Kissing the Face of God and pastor, Heart for the World Church and Ministries


“Living in God’s Rest is a practical guide to learning to relax into God’s loving arms. Nancy LaPointe’s personal story combined with usable information brings ‘letting go and letting God’ so much closer. This book is indeed a blessing for us all.”
—Sandi Browne, author,  Touch the Sky … the Story of a Mom, a Wife, an Airshow Pilot and Wingrider


“Living in God’s Rest is a powerful book about biblical rest, a book that all of us involved in caring for a broken world need to read. Not so that we will stop working, God forbid; on the contrary, as we rest in Him, we become all the more productive at advancing the Kingdom of God on this earth. Nancy offers an enormous gift of encouragement to those of us ‘spending ourselves on behalf of the hungry’ and I treasure her words of wisdom.”
—Vicki Penwell, author, Down Mercy Road and founder of Mercy In Action-Philippines







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When Laurel Kingston, a zealous young newspaper reporter, recognizes a man who has been seen at several tragic shootings across the nation, she embarks on a quest to find out who he is and what part he plays. In her journey to find justice, Laurel must come to terms with challenges in romance, trust issues, and the complex world of politics. She is brought face to face with a level of deception that surpasses everyday crime stories. Through it all, Laurel learns valuable truths about herself, her faith, and the true meaning of trusting God.

Customer Reviews

By Patsy Raef on August 2, 2014
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This book was well written. I did not want to put it down. It was a Christian viewpoint, and problem solving in today's complicated world.

By Rhonda Kay on July 28, 2014
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Great book. So nice to have a good story without the obscenities and sex. Highly recommend.

By Mary Dawn Terpening on July 26, 2014
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Very good first novel! Had trouble putting it down. Interesting subject!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Very enjoyable and well done. Will watch for more from this new author.

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Review of my book

Living In God’s Rest

February 17, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I pray you are all well and have had a wonderful weekend and a restful and enlightening Sunday!  Speaking of restful Sunday, I am so excited and honored to be able to introduce you to a new book that will bring new focus on a subject as old as history.

A good friend of mine, Nancy LaPointe—who is a Christian counselor and an author — has a recently published her new book entitled, Living In God’s Rest: At Peace In A Chaotic World. Rather than rush right into this book review, I would like to present what I perceive to be an intense experience in discovering God’s rest and peace for the author.  This experience can be yours also!

I personally met Nancy and her husband for the first time through a mutual friend.  Nancy and her husband came to our mission church on the Mescalero Apache reservation in SE New Mexico to offer their gift of service during a revival we were holding.  The second time that we worked together revolved around her providing Christian counseling for one of my church members.

She is the real deal and her main purpose for writing this book is in obedience of her call from God to do so.  That being said — let us take a look at what I call a very Spirit-filled and spiritually enlightening experience.  Yes, that’s right.  I said a spiritually enlightening experience, not just a great read from a great book.

Nancy has a way of making God’s truths come alive.  Her writing style is one of lively communication, a — from her to you — verbalization in written form that expands your thinking about God’s word while lifting you to new heights of understanding and application of God’s truths.   In other words, her new book is an experience of meeting God face-to-face as you lose yourself in its pages.

Nancy’s book is organized into 16 delightful chapters that take you on a journey of understanding, desiring, and finding God’s rest.  It is full of biblical Scripture references that provide contextual truths as sign posts on your journey of discovery.   God’s rest for yourself and those you love can be found within its pages.  You will find extremely comforting and beneficial meditations on Scripture that provide the living water from the well of Jesus’ love.

This book paints a picture, in well chosen and thoughtful prose, revealing the Chaos in the world and God’s answer to it.  With stunning narrative and talented story-telling, Nancy paints that picture in multi-colored dimensions that not only make her words come alive but allow her words to sink deep down inside — providing  a warmth of understanding that you can’t bear to put down.

This is one book that provides a three-dimensional look at the many aspects of resting in God.  Unlike other books that touch on this subject, the reader comes away from the experience with a deep and abiding desire to have a closer walk with Christ.  Learning how to live in God’s rest allows you to see yourself in perspective, to notice the anxiety that comes from running from crisis to crisis — depending on self.  You discover and gain experience putting your faith and trust in Him.

Nancy describes the experience of putting on Christ and His righteousness and seeing yourself and the world in like-mindedness with Him.  Nothing can grow your faith better than seeing things through His eyes.  The medical profession has known for decades that rest for the body is one of the best medications one can have for physical illnesses.  Nancy provides a worldview from God’s plan for us.   She provides guidance in discovering your path to living in God’s rest for healing damaged emotions and the damaging effects of depression.  We are vividly shown how to recognize positive change, how to prevent satanic deception, and to be humble and accepting of God’s sovereignty in our lives.

This book also tackles the subject of suffering in the lives of Christians and sheds truth on this subject in a way that opens the heart and provides understanding.  The last two chapters of Living In God’s Rest wrap this package of the pearls of wisdom that are found between its covers.  I choose to allow you to discover these blessings, like a child opening its long-awaited presents, because the joy is in the discovery!  Happy discoveries!

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