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Featured Author - Marguerite “Markie” Madden

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Marguerite “Markie” Madden of Metamorph Publishing


This week I’m happy to share a brief snapshot of Author Markie Madden. Marguerite “Markie” Madden was born in Texas but grew up in Michigan. She, like many of today’s authors, grew up writing, beginning in grade school. She currently has three books available, all with a different genre and perspective, which gives readers a taste of variety. Her memoir, Butterfly Cancer, is “a shockingly raw and honest look at a cancer patient’s life during treatment.”  “I hope to inspire anyone reading this book, whether they're cancer patients, family members, or someone suffering from another life-threatening illness. The book will show that, even though I'm not the same person I was before the cancer, it is possible to come through the other side, and there's no telling where your life might lead! Have hope!  One of my reviewers said she ‘cried in sadness and in joy’ when reading my book.”


Markie says, “Butterfly Cancer got it’s name from the story about how the butterfly effect theory (you know what I'm talking about: a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan and causes a hurricane in Florida) ran through my life, leading me to become a self-published author. As a wife and mother of two teens, Markie enjoys having one of her daughters working alongside her as an illustrator in their family publishing company.She also has three rescue dogs and her horse, Athena, who's featured on the cover of her book, Keeping a Backyard Horse, a non-fiction self-help about horse care. Her third book, Once Upon a Western Way, is a romantic fantasy fiction.


You can find all Markie Madden’s books on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Barnes and Noble for print copies, and on Kindle for e-books. They will soon also be available on Smashwords for Nook and iBooks, and on audiobook from Audible and iTunes.

















Visit Marguerite Madden’s website for much more information at:

Official Website

Enjoy her blogs at:


Twitter @naddya81975


*Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any of the subject material mentioned. I have not read these books yet, so cannot vouch for content.* nl

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