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Thursday, 17 January 2013 17:42

Peace in the Chaos

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Good Morning!

I am so blessed by your comments on my new book!  Thank you!   I hope that even if you don't read my book that your thoughts about "His Rest" will cause you to explore that topic for yourself.

This blog is not going to be focused on politics or world events but because those do play a part in our daily concerns and stresses, I want to share some of my thoughts on keeping our peace as world events unfold.  There are thousands of blogs where people debate scripture vs. political actions and so on, but that's not what I want to accomplish.  My prayer is for you to learn to be at peace in your soul when things seem totally out of control around you.  There are days that it seems impossible!  We have to stop and re-align our priorities and our attitudes, ask ourselves some hard questions, hand the anxiety over to God, and carry on.  Usually we don't take the time to do that.  We hear a news story and immediately let our blood pressure skyrocket or go on a rant about .... things.  It really takes some self control to stop and ask God how to feel and respond before taking action.  More than once when I've really stopped to do that, He has filled me with a beautiful peace.  Many more times than I care to confess to you, I've just exploded into a rant.  It's all righteous anger of course.  LOL  I think we really do consider it righteous anger, even if we don't say that aloud.  But is it really?  How many times did Jesus go off on a rant against the evil Roman government when they were committing atrocities?  Self discipline is a fruit of the Spirit.  That means if the Holy Spirit is actively working in our lives, we have the ability to exhibit self control.  But self control is also a fruit of our own attitudes and thinking.  We have to have our hearts right in the first place to be able to control our tempers.

One thing I've been realizing lately is that we get a little confused between patriotism and Christianity.  Yes, our nation was founded on Christian principles that have resulted (at least up to now) in a strong and wonderful nation.  However, I believe we're entering a season where it's time to examine more seriously what the Lord really requires of us when we don't like or agree with how things are shaping up.  There's a time to stand up and speak out, and there really is a time to be quiet and pray and keep our mouths shut.  Discernment comes from God.  We will not know which He requires for the day or situation unless we go to Him for direction.  It could make a huge difference in the outcomes.  Just something to pray about.

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