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Writing your book

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I'm going to write a book!  Have you ever said that?  Lately I've talked with several people who claim they are going to write a book, especially one about their life experiences.  It's a wonderful idea.  Why not?  As a counselor, I can tell you that it's very therapeutic.  Putting your story on paper (or screen) is cathartic and healing. 

Just the act of creating a story out of your own traumas and victories somehow inspires not only others, but yourself.  Because as you write it and as you go back and re-read it, you have this wonderful realization that you really did survive that beast and learned valuable lessons.  We often have that inner knowing but it comes alive when we print it out.  I hope you will write your story.  Think about how much we learn from living vicariously through someone else's pain and struggles.  We also rejoice with them at the finish line and discover it sparks new hope for ourselves.

Inspiration is an interesting phenomenon.  The other day my granddaughter asked me what inspires me.  Love that girl!  Love that inquisitive spirit she has too.  I had to stop and think a bit before sharing with her those things that inspire me.  One of them was hearing others' stories and especially testimonies of what God produced out of their ashes.  Probably one reason I love counseling.  I'm amazed at what people have lived through and discovering the reasons why people do what they do and think as they think.  I've told more than one client to write their story.   Don't just talk about writing your book.  Go for it!!  It's a rewarding experience and one you will never regret.



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