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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 00:00

Come out of the stupor

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I feel like ranting today.  It's my blog, so I guess I can write whatever I want, right?  I wish that people would wake up and smell the cappuccino since it's practically scalding them in the nostrils.   Our culture is spiraling the drain and people are oblivious.  I am so tired of hearing about tolerance and busyness and how hard it is to juggle all of life's stuff and be expected to take responsibility for the state of our nation. 

Yeah, that's right, if we just keep our blinders in place, don't look out beyond our own little world, insist that all the energy and time we have must stay focused on our house and job, it will all go away and we will remain untouched.  Right?!  One of my personal favorites is "God understands".  Oh yes, He sure does.  He understands that our families and friends accept all our excuses so He will too. Wrong!!!   What am I rambling about?  I don't expect anyone to walk out of their warm cocoon each morning and conquer all the evils that abound in the world.  However,  most people don't even want to engage in a discussion about where we're headed, except to rant about the government.  After raging over that, they turn very focused attention back to facebook, twitter and whatever other gadget controls their lives.  Tuned out! we see the next generation following suit and most of the kids we're around can't even carry on a reasonable conversation, making eye contact, thinking.....let alone consider how to develop a relationship.  We have become droids, operating in a robotic fashion, allowing the brainwashing to continue its deception and insidious takeover of the planet.

Folks, we have to wake up!  Come out of the stupor.  Our country and our world are truly crashing down around us and we are believing the lie that we are in a little protected bubble forever more.  I read posts on facebook that are so revolting.  Someone posts a simple idea or opinion and 25 people will attack them with profanity and threats.   Does that not concern you?  The state of mind of the folks drinking lattes all around you are destructive and even sinister.  And, if you have stuck with me this far in this rant, you're probably saying that I'm overreacting.  I'm not!!!  Go to any YouTube video and read the comments sections.  I shudder as I suggest that.  Our world is in big trouble my friends.  And, I want to suggest to you that if you can read all those vile comments posted and feel nothing, you are in trouble too.  Yes, I know there are lots of good people out there doing and posting nice things.  And, of course, we have freedom of speech, ad nauseum.  If that's all you can say to this problem, then you are part of the problem.  Praise God there are good people out there trying to make a difference.  But there's not enough of them.

I thank you for reading this far.  I thank you for reading my blogs and my book and for the positive remarks you send me.  All I am asking is that you take a look around you.  Are your kids spending some time out in the sunshine?  Are they able to sit down with an adult and have a reasonable conversation?  Are they learning to appreciate differences and show respect for others?  Or are they comfortable with profanity and vulgar language?  Do they know Jesus? These are important questions for adults as well as children. I could list hundreds more, but I will release you from my rant.

The only answer for the ills that plague us is Jesus Christ and living with His Spirit indwelling us.  He gives us the power to rise above, to stand firm, hold fast and endure when everything around us is crumbling.  He longs to bring inner peace and He will if He's allowed inside our stubborn hearts.  He cringes and grieves when we surrender to the world's dirtiness, and even more when we enjoy it.  Don't be sucked in to the enemy's plan to take you down while you're lost in a vacuum of work, games, and the false belief that you will never be touched by disaster.   The scripture says to be alert!  The enemy's schemes are designed to steal, kill and destroy.  He's well on his way to success in that goal in many, many lives all around us.  We must come out of the stupor, get our lives on track, reach out to others, and realize that all is not well just because we heard it was on the national news report.  Please pray about what God has for you today, tomorrow and in the near future.  We need a prepared church, trained, equipped and full of light and love.


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