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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 00:00

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Today I would like to share a blog post from my dear friend and sister in Christ, Anita Ivette Ferrer. Sometimes we think our lives are difficult and we murmur and complain over all kinds of things. I want you to meet this lady, who faces every day of her life battling a debilitating disease called Dystonia. Anita is blessed with a gift of music and plays guitar, writing songs and praising God through her daily storms. Calling her an inspiration is an understatement for sure. Any time you speak with Anita, she will be encouraging you. Although she sometimes grieves for the loss of her ability to be out leading worship as she once did, or using her musical talents in other venues, it’s easy to see how the Lord has used her perseverance, her strong faith and her many other gifts to glority Him and reach others. I’m asking today that you would lift Anita in prayer, including her faith-filled husband Mark Ward, and storm the gates of heaven for her healing. Thank you, dear Sister, for pressing on in spite of the terrible battles you face.                     



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John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Journal Entry, March 3, 2017

My quest to find answers to the tormenting mystery of the JAW-mouth Dystonia continues. Each hour, I continue to rely heavily on Father giving me the strength to endure, uncomplainingly. My seasonal job, delivering telephone books door-to-door, started last week and my body is weary. from the windy-cold and the physical exertion.  Unlike  several years ago, when I bitterly complained to Father that I should be on tour with my incredible band. I told him, how hard it was to have do such humbling work when He had blessed me with such talent.And then the added grief of being misunderstood, alienated from wonderful fellowship and dealing with a tormentically distracting movement disorder was more than any human to bear. Even now, the pain in my (now also)  left jaw is painful and  I can barely stand to do anything. The past nine years of this  horrendous disorder (and the thought that there is no reversal for the damaged joints should cause me to sink into utter depression). Honestly, it has been lonely beyond belief and at times, I deem my small music-compassionate outreach, Brave Flame Productions-Outreach a thankless job, (at times). I am a very social person and  cherish the camaraderie of freinds and loved ones being emotionally and spiritually connected with me.

Nevertheless, I realize that this ongoing suffering has brought about great change in my spiritual outlook and Father’s gloriuous workmanship in my life. This realization had brought me to create my 5 part-series journalism-color photographs and devotional series, ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE. It has also compelled me to record and produce songs for two concurrent albums, a prophetic rock , Mod Prophet and a worship album, The Anointing, (His presence). One would expect that the result would be a publishing book deal and distribution or at least interest in the recorded works.  My book series still await  publication and my albums are still incomplete.

I wait upon the Lord, for He will renew my strength. What strength? For any passionately creative person in the midst of projects, there’s always the hope of success and renown. For the child of God, renown would be being sought after for the expertise of the skill. There is dealing with the disappointment of struggling financially and/or having few customers-patrons. So, I tell Father, more than anything… I wish to be in His perfect will.

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