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Living in God's Rest

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Book Review by Anne Wilson......


Nancy LaPointe, author of Living in God's Rest... At Peace in A Chaotic World, doesn't believe in

coincidence. She believes that God has a plan. So when the idea of "resting in Him" started

turning up repeatedly in her life‐‐‐on the radio, in emails, in whatever she was reading‐‐‐she

listened. She began to study the concept and felt that God was leading her to share His

revelations with others.


Both our human nature and society drive us to prove our worth through how much we can

handle. We wear our busyness like a badge of success, but at what cost? The price of a culture

of highly focused, highly busy individuals is the absence of peace. We live in a time of

increasing unrest and epidemic hyperactivity. Fear, rebellion, violence, and evil are escalating

all around us.


A central message of Nancy's book is that we can experience inner peace no matter what is

happening in our lives or in the world. But "resting” is much more than just taking a nap or

stopping our frantic pace of life for a quick breather before running onward. Chasing after the

world's ways of dealing with stress‐‐‐vacations, self‐help books, prescription drugs‐‐may offer

temporary relief, but in the end, will not bring deep or lasting peace. Entering God's rest

requires us to grow spiritually and learn to depend on Him. It means "living so close to God that

we can hear His heartbeat." Neither does resting in God mean that we live without worry or

fear, for we are human after all. It means trusting God in a way that brings peace to the soul,

"understanding that His plans and purposes are always good, regardless of how they appear at

the time."

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