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Thursday, 10 September 2015 00:00

Respect? What's that?

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What have we become? Like me, I’m sure you look at social networking sites and read people’s comments. It’s pretty astounding to see people’s true selves emerging as they post the most ridiculous things.


If we can lay aside the untruths, misspoken statements and misquotes completely (since that would take pages to write about) and just examine people’s bold opinions, we’re amazed at what is there. I’ve noticed over time that commenters are becoming more angry, more insulting and more bold in spitting out their words of condemnation. (That’s after posting a meme with a sticky sweet saying on it.)


Why is it that we can’t be mature and discuss issues where we don’t see eye-to-eye? Why is it that people regress to a pre-teen behavior of calling names, cursing and so on, when they don’t like something? It’s crazy. For example, people who were riled up because they didn’t agree with the clerk who refused to issue same sex marriage licenses. Hundreds (probably more) never even made intelligent statements about their objections. Instead, they cursed her, made fun of her appearance, and went after her family. Gee, that was so mature and really explained why you disagreed with her perspective.


I see people’s posts who make vicious personal attacks on people instead of just stating why they have the opposite viewpoint. How do we find any common ground or respect if we behave like spoiled kids. Maybe, just maybe, these people do not want to have intelligent discussions. I’ve noticed that if someone posts a reasonable argument, the conversation immediately turns to name calling. Is it because the person does not have the ability to think and express themselves in a mature way? That’s the way I see it.


I, like you, am not that naive. I realize there are hidden agendas rampant in these news stories. They are rarely about what we see on any news channel. And, by the way, I do not subscribe to any of the news channels--not just singling out one or two. They’re all corrupt and only tell the public what they want us to hear. I wish we could outsmart these imposters by carrying on intelligent conversations about issues, with respect for one another, and maybe we could actually find a few solutions or places we can meet in the middle. It appears to me at this juncture, that most of these attackers on the social media sites, have no desire to be at peace with anyone. It’s more fun to spew anger and throw childish tantrums. Respect for our fellow man appears to be a thing of the past. I guess that answers my opening question.


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