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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 00:00

Who will take care of you when your oil runs out?

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Blood moons, financial collapse on the horizon, prophecies about earthquakes, warnings about other countries’ invasion of ours…...on and on and on. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, reading articles and listening to programs each day about the coming doom.


As I pray, I sense that God is cautioning us about balance. He does want us to be informed, alert and aware of possibilities. We should not hide our heads in the sand or dismiss these warnings as though they were nothing. They are true (mostly) possibilities and we need to have wisdom. Living in denial will not position us in a place of victory.


Our true preparation is our spiritual one. Why? Because when things get really rough, our only true hope is in Him. That is true even today as we face so many troubles in life. We need our focus on Jesus and all He offers us. It’s the only way to have peace or gain wisdom. He imparts divine wisdom when we have none. We must learn to hear Him clearly.


In Matthew 25:1-13 we read a parable about the virgins who prepared their lamps with oil to be ready to meet the Bridegroom. Half of them secured their oil, and made the necessary preparations to be ready for Him. The other five just went to sleep, not taking any trouble to be sure their provisions were in order. Then, when the Bridegroom arrived, the wise virgins were ready, but of course, the foolish ones were whining to the wise ones to give them their oil. Since there wasn’t enough, the foolish ones had to go out at midnight to find a place to buy oil and by the time they returned, it was too late!


We know this story is about the return of Jesus and how we should be ready. It certainly applies to our situation today as well. We have been warned aplenty of our need to get our spiritual lives and our houses in order for whatever is on the horizon. Still, many are refusing to listen. Many mock. Many put other things as a priority. What will the outcome be? Just like those foolish virgins, when things crash in, the foolish will be crying out to the others to share what they stored or prepared with them. They will be miserable in not knowing how to depend on the Lord because they’ve ignored their spiritual lives. They will be in despair because their children and other loved ones are looking to them for strength and hope and they won’t know how to grasp those things for themselves, nor how to give them to others.


Please get yourself on the “wise” list. Stop chasing after more money, titles, or whatever distracts you and get on your knees right away. Wake up! Don’t be deceived into thinking that your wise friends will be ready to share all they have because you were too foolish to prepare your own house. They might be. They might not. Everyone has to answer to God individually. No one can do it for you. If you don’t know Him today, please open that door and let Him in. You can never say you had no warning. He loves you deeply and is sending those alerts constantly. Time is running out. Fill your lamps with oil now. Then you can keep a healthy balance in where you spend time and energy.

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