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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 00:00

The Devil Doesn't Play Fair

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Have you ever had a week where anything that could go wrong went wrong? The past two weeks we’ve had a domino collapsing party around our house. One thing leads to another to another to another. There are moments where I sit down and say “Lord, what are You thinking here?”


You might wonder if I’m being a drama queen. Well, I’m not generally that. My husband was called with a bad medical report, so we had to scramble to go have more tests run. I was not exactly scrambling because I had been hit with a severe case of sciatica and was having trouble walking. One of my online accounts was hacked. We had two major mistakes on some billing --- you know those kind where you’re on the phone for hours with several different people who can’t seem to understand what’s going on? (You all have those and know how fun they are.) Then, when it was time to go for my hubby’s test, I was afflicted with some weird tooth problem. Oh yeah, and did I mention it began on the weekend, so I had to bite the bullet, so to speak, and it was quite painful, for days. There were some other things as well, which I’ll spare you the details on, but I think you get my drift.


When we’re in a state of battling one issue after another, guess what? We get tired. We get frustrated and we sometimes lose our focus. I’m the one who’s always teaching about standing firm in times of trouble. I’m the one who tells people to stay in the Word, in prayer, keeping that sword drawn against the enemy, right? So, I guess it stands to reason that I have to be tested. I hope I passed the test as these trials seem to be lessening by today. (Only God knows.)


What I want to share is that even though I teach those things all the time, I found myself at a couple of low points where I was so exhausted and negative thoughts were pounding my brain. Did I exhibit perfect peace and joy in my trial? I don’t think I did. I got kinda grumpy and even thought about hosting a full blown pity party one night. But….I did realize at one point that the enemy was joining in to bring me down. He does that! God, on the other hand, is so gracious that He tipped me off to the devil’s schemes. What a Father!!


I was lying on the bed with an ice pack under my hip, and holding another one on my jaw when a couple of thoughts hit me that seemed strange. They were dark, ugly thoughts that really weren’t like me at all. Not that I’m perfect by any means, but they were self destructive thoughts that I do not ever have. Thoughts of giving up, resigning from everything, blaming God. As miserable as I was that day, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me, warning me that this is how the enemy works---kicking you when you’re down.


Thank God I took His authority over the whole mess! I began to pray differently, stop whining, and reflect on how blessed my life really is. I put my earphones in with my praise music flowing. I felt the heaviness lifting off within a few minutes.


My point in sharing today is that you are going to have some rotten days, maybe even weeks. Things don’t always go well, even when you’re giving it your best shot. But when you’re in the middle of the storm, remember that your enemy will jump right in there to try to bring you down. You have to put on that whole armor of God and stand firm. Don’t let that devil get a victory just because you’re tired or sick. God will deliver you out of it!! When the storm is past, you will look back, as I am today, and see how distorted things can become when you let your guard down. And you can remind yourself of one of my favorite scriptures, “and it came to pass…” ha. It will pass! Things always change and things always get better. “The testing of our faith produces endurance, so that we may be complete..” James 1:3.

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