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Counting the Cost

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Are You Worth Your Salt?





In Luke 14:25-34, Jesus speaks about the cost of being His. The cost is great. Did you stop and consider the actual cost before you surrendered your life to Him? Or did you just quickly repeat a little sinner’s prayer after someone led it, and hurry on to the buffet line with all the other church goers?


This society is notorious for looking for the easy way out. We spend time, money and energy on all things quick and easy.  And painless. Most people avoid anything that appears to be a challenge, a little hard work, or could cause others to criticize them.


Jesus Himself said that you cannot be called “His” if you do not put Him above everything and everyone else. He means what He says. His will and His design for your life must supersede your parents, siblings, boss, spouse, friends, and whatever opinions or plans they have for you.


The cost is great to be His. When you submit your life, receiving the Holy Spirit of God into your being, you have made a contract that is eternal. It’s not just a free pass to heaven. There are directions spelled out in that contract. It means you commit to living your life the way that He instructs. There are innumerable blessings, but today we’re talking about the costs. Jesus compared it to a person beginning construction of a building. The person calculates the costs involved in seeing it through to completion before he ever begins. Or a king preparing to go to war, who calculates what is needed to defeat a bigger army than his own. Thought before action.


What are some of the costs? Jesus said you cannot become His disciple without giving up everything. If we truly have given up everything to follow Him, how can we nonchalantly join into the world’s way of thinking and doing things? That knocks us off the track. That makes us just one of the world’s crowd, blending in and not making any difference in the world.


In that same passage, He said if you’ve lost your salt, you’re only good for the manure pile. Stinks,huh? That makes it pretty clear! For us to be the salt, as He told us to be, we must act as salt---a preservative of good, and add a special flavor to life on this earth. To do those things, we cannot live and behave as the unbelievers do. We must stand strong, set apart, and called to something bigger. This is one cost of being His. There are many.


If you did not count the cost before signing on, you will find this contract very difficult to fulfill. It is a challenging road, even for those who did count the cost. Never take it lightly. It is serious business to our Lord. He expects obedience and commitment; nothing less. If we’re serious about our commitment, He helps us all the way. If we are apathetic and worldly, not seeing the bigger picture, we will pay a price.


I challenge you today to examine your heart and your actions. It is time to be absolutely sure whose side you are on. Where is your loyalty? If you have sat idly on the fence, focusing on political correctness, not offending anyone, and lost your salt, you are in danger! You might be on the manure pile. Read your Bible. It’s spelled out clearly there. It says He will spit you out of His mouth. (Rev 3:16)  I am taking the challenge seriously. I only confront you with the same questions I present to myself. Spend time with Him today and ask Him to show you how you’re doing in the salt department. Consider the cost of being His. He paid a tremendous price for you; the cost you pay is nothing in comparison.


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