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There is a Whisper in the Wind

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August 13, 2016

As I sat at the feet of Jesus, seeking His face and heart for what He wanted to teach and share with me for the day....a sudden wind came up.  Out of nowhere. I heard the Lord speak this...."There is a whisper in the wind. Can you hear it? It is a sound like that never heard before. It will be missed by many, but heard clearly by few. It is the sound of Gods army rising up to do battle against the enemy. A triumphant sound amongst Gods chosen, but the sound of agony for those who do not know Him. The whisper is coming and coming soon....prepare!

I prayed and asked Him how we should prepare???  I felt in my spirit He explained it was spiritually.  Know Gods heart; know Gods ways; read Gods word and allow Him to create in you the heart He has always had for you. A heart of truth; a heart of love; a heart of knowledge for those things He wants you to know. Blessed is the one who seeks the face of Yeshua....the Word of God. The truth spoken throughout the generations getting louder and louder and closer and closer.

"Can you hear the whisper in the wind?"  He will not shout. If He chooses to shout it will come in the forms of natural disasters, plagues and terrorism. Many will be stunned and shocked, but not enough to heed His warnings. They continue in their sin, thinking they are untouchable. They will continue to love the things of this world, but the world will end and so will they.  For many now there is no guarantee of tomorrow, TODAY is the day to stop and listen to the whispers of Christ.


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